The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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The August issue of Culture, Art, Attitude in Life magazine is out!

After a long hiatus AttitudeWe are happy to be among you with the number of. Latest Helin Bolek and Ibrahim GokcekWe joined you with their special issues. İbrahim Gökçek Special after our countİdil Cultural Center, in which our magazine is also included, was published twice. GroupArrest warrant for Bahar Kurt, a comment worker and owner of our magazineremoved. Likewise, Grup Yorum workers Betül Varan, Seher Adıgüzel andEmel Yesilirmak is a prisoner. All the attacks we have experienced, our country is is just a reflection of its reality. captivity,Search warrants were dropped about us. We know that we resist, produceWe...

Yuksel Resistance 1753. Day Noon Statement

Merve Demirel, who made the statement of Yuksel Resistance at Noon on the 1753th Day, said, “We are fighting against the decree laws. We are fighting for justice against the legalization of fascism through decree laws. We want justice for the Şenyaşar family and Edibe Anne, we will not stop fighting”.

Yüksel Resistance Day 1757 Description

Mehmet Dersulu made the statement.Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gul "The door of the courthouse is the door of justice!" says! Then we ask, why is there justice in this country, why we are dragged on the ground and tortured every day while we are exercising our constitutional right?Why has the Şenyaşar family been seeking justice in front of the courthouse for 5 months?Why are the families of those who lost their lives in the Çorlu Train Massacre3? years in pursuit of justice? Why are those responsible for the 301 miners killed in Soma wandering outside?...

Poetry Clip About Forest Fires in GHA

OUR BIG HOUSE IS BURNINGPoetry: Yalçın ÖzdemirThe Peopleour big familyhomelandour big houseour house is on fire;blacka black turtleseries our hearts.< /p>a gazelle cut into charcoalhas given its last breaththousands of red pines!our house is on fire...branch twigknotstrees on fire..tears flood..burn is what a liver cut into charcoalmy anger floods...but…this floodis not enough to put out this fire..this fire will go out!this firewill go out by collar!from those who burnfrom those who do not put outevery bird,every leaf,every insectask for the accountand it will go out..if it turns red, my anger!the fire will be stopped... >our big house is on...

We Want Justice Committee: We are on a hunger strike for 11 Turkish revolutionaries on September 4

In the past months, 11 Turkish revolutionaries who were in Greece were sentenced to a total of 333 years in prison.A political decision was made as a result of a political court. With the cooperation of US imperialism and Turkish fascism, Turkish revolutionaries were exposed to many unlawfulness, injustice and arbitrariness. We organized demonstrations across Europe, distributed leaflets, chanted slogans and collected signatures for their freedom. Now we will ask for their freedom with our hunger. Let's shout out our demand for justice and freedom with our support hunger strikes from all over Europe on September 4th. Let us state...