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Umut TV: We Are Here With The Real Causes Of Flood Disasters

Umut TV is here with its new broadcast on 22.08.2021. In this week's Turkey agenda, we will be here with the flood disaster in three provinces of our Black Sea region (Kastamonu-Sinop-Bartın). What are the latest developments in the Black Sea, is the flood disaster really just a "natural disaster" and could this massacre be prevented, all and more will be in our bulletin... Let's watch Umut TV , let's watch it!

Grup Yorum Performed at the MLPD Festival

On Saturday, July 10,Organized by MLPD (German Marxist Leninist party) in StuttgartWe performed at the festival as Grup Yorum.For Group CommentWe talked about the oppression, we wanted freedom for our imprisoned friends. Your printsnot only in Turkey, but also in German imperialism against us.We told about his attacks, that he banned our 5 songs, that the police in Magdeburg told usWe told him that he attacked us and that our biggest strength against these oppressions is solidarity.We said that and once again emphasized the importance of internationalism. The organizer of the festivalHe talked to us after the concert and said...

Edibe Main Resistance Continues in its 78th Week

Justice Resistance for Ana Edibe has been going on for 78 weeks and 543 days. Operations, detentions, arrests cannot prevent our demand for justice. Our struggle for justice will continue until the murderers are punished.Palaces and sultanates collapsethe blood thirsts one daythe persecution endsthere will be those who go to tomorrowand those who resist for tomorrow

People’s Lawyers Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal

Book Title: People's Lawyers Ebru Timtik and Aytaç Ünsal Book PublishedPrint Date: August-2021For Downloading the Book ClickClick for the Public's Voice LibraryMaking a Decision to Resist is a Proclamation of Victory!Death Fast Resistance;Decision of Defeat It is a form of resistance that does not exist!"I am not helpless! I will never surrender!" It is the highest form of saying and attacking People's LawyersEBRU TIMTIC IS IMMORTALAYTAÇ ÜNSAL IS OUR HONOR Anger And Dare The Two Children of JusticeStrikes the Sword, They Change The LawThe Decision Is History, Your Order Will Be DestroyedThe People's Advocates of Derki; div>

“We are at the beginning of our Ebru! Our Ebru is in Our Hearts!”

The people's lawyer Ebru Timtik, who was martyred in the struggle for justice and the death fast resistance demanding a fair trial, was commemorated at her grave by the Istanbul Contemporary Lawyers Association on Friday, August 27, on her death anniversary. Ebru Timtik, the people's lawyer for the right to a fair trial, was martyred on August 27, 2020, while resisting the death fast that lasted for 238 days.***The Contemporary Lawyers Association Headquarters also published a written statement on August 27, 2021, we share:We commemorate our colleague, member, friend EbruTimtik with respect! His memory will live on in our struggle!“You...