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Freedom for Erdal Gökoğlu Committee: Release Erdal Gökoğlu

We held a demonstration for Erdal Gökoğlu in front of the Ministry of Justice in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, on Wednesday, August 18. Our slogans demanding the release of Erdal Gökoğlu and shouting that Erdal Gökoğlu was not alone beat the walls of the Ministry of Justice for 1 hour. The actions we take on Wednesdays every week continue to expose the lawlessness and injustice that Erdal Gökoğlu has experienced. However, despite this, the Belgian state does not release Erdal Gökoğlu for arbitrary reasons, ignoring all recognized and known universal human rights...We will not surrender to this unlawfulness, and...

Press Release for Sibel Balaç of the Resistance Council

We, as the Resistance Assembly, held our press statement titled We want justice in Abdiİpekçi Park every Thursday. We made our press statement this week for Sibel Balaç. we want. Sibel Balaç is a laboring teacher who resists for the job security and justice of public workers. He chose to resist against the decree laws, against all injustices, for which he was sentenced to 8 years and 4 months by the AKP courts. Sibel Balaç had two surgeries due to calcification in her ear during her captivity. The right to be treated in healthy conditions was denied. While thieves, gangs...

Justice Watch for 11 Turkish Revolutionaries Imprisoned in Greece Continues on Day 2

The campaign, which started with the demand for a fair trial for 11 Turkish revolutionaries imprisoned by the collaborationist Mitsotakis government in cooperation with the US and EU imperialism and Turkish fascism and sentenced to 333 years in prison unjustly, continues with a vigil in Propilia Square. On the first day of the justice watch, freedom was demanded for 11 Turkish revolutionaries with banners, slogans and leaflets. We continue to demand justice with our banners, tens and proclamations on the second day of the justice watch.