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Public School Magazine Distributed in Bahçelievler

its façade publishes the public school magazine, the voice of the people.continues to deliver to our people. While the 79th issue of the magazine is being delivered to our people,pressures on the public school, the economic problems of the people and against it.There were conversations about what could be done. In the study, 30 journals were given to our people.delivered.

He Made a Short Film About Corruption at the European Giant-Young Summer Camp

We had cultural activities to produce together and learn about our own culture at the 2021 Family and Youth Summer Camp in Marseille. We were divided into choir, folk dance and theater groups. As a theater group, we prepared a short film that shows the problems and corruption of young people living in Europe. We live in the heart of imperialism in Europe. With drugs, social media, consumption culture, racism and the problems of identitylessness they create, they are trying to turn us into helpless, unquestioning and unthinking youth... We will not forget who we are, our own culture and...

Successful Concert by Grup Yorum

May 21 In , the popular protest group Grup Yorum gave an international live concert in Paris. many progressive artists participated.Program started at 7:00 am with the opening speech of Grup Yorum."Zafer Halay" (Zafer Zafer) in Turkey dedicated to the members of the group Before singing the anthem, İbrahim Gökçek and Helin Bölek, who were martyred on death fast last year, were commemorated. Ali Osman Köse has been suffering from cancer for 37 years.At the same time, workers and followers gathered in a large square in Athens to watch the concert. they set up the screen and watched it with...

We Want Justice for Free Prisoners Campaign Launched in Greece

In Greece, democratic institutions were raided in line with the instructions of the EU, US imperialism and Turkish fascism, and 11 people were arrested with conspiracy. Last July, he was brought to court for the first time after 16 months, and 11 people were sentenced to 333 years in prison unlawfully.As the Popular Front of Greece, we will not accept these unlawfulnesses. Revolution is the most honorable task in the world. We will not allow revolutionism to be declared terrorism. The real terrorists are the imperialists who occupied the countries that massacred the peoples. With this legitimacy, we demand freedom...

Public School 82nd Issue Is Out

JUSTICETHE STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE CREATED BY THE MARTYR OF FIGHTER EBRU TİMTİK, JUNE 14DAY WAS ANNOUNCED AS THE INTERNATIONAL FAIR JUDGMENT DAY WORLDWIDE.EVERY YEAR ON JUNE 14, THE VOICE OF EBRU, HHB'S JUSTICE IN THE WORLDTHE FIGHT WILL EMERGE!SchoolTo Download Issue 82Click here... FolkTo Reach All Issues of Your School Click…< span face='"Calibri",sans-serif' style="mso-ascii-theme-font: minor-latin; mso-bidi-theme-font: minor-latin; mso-hansi-theme-font: minor-latin ;">Ownerand Responsible Editor: İrfan YILMAZAddress:Hobyar Mah. Cemal Nadir Sok. Büyük Milas Han, No:24 İçkapı No:220Fatih/İSTANBULOffsetPreparation: Ozan PublishingAddress:Zübeyde Hanım Mah. Fevzi Cakmak Cad. 1297. Sokak No: 1 Apartment: 1 Sultangazi /ISTANBULMail:kanattan2@gmail.comTel: (0212) 419 31 96 ISSN: 2687-4075Print:Kalmak Ofset Matbaacılık Yüzyıl Mahallesi Massit,...

Grup Yorum 21 May Internet Concert

AEC (Anti-Imperialist Front) on May 21 at 19:00International solidarity concert with Grup Yorum, organized byhappened.The program of the solidarity concert consisted of 5 parts. GroupWe were included in the first, third and fifth chapters as comments.In other sections, live artists from all over the worldlinks and solidarity videos with Grup Yorum were shown.This concert is a part of the internationalism created by our resistance.occurred as a result. Anadolu, which embraces our demands all over the world,Created by Helin and İbrahim with the Peoples of the World and artists from all over the world.we once again raised values ​​with international solidarity.International...