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European Giant-Young Weekly Martyrs’ Commemoration

We held our weekly martyrs commemoration as AvrupaDev-Youth on July 18, 2021. Remembering our martyrs is raising our struggle. They are our teachers. It is our responsibility to commemorate our martyrs and teachers. It is in our hands to tell it to new generations and make it immortal. We will continue to tell our martyrs wherever we are. The Revolution Martyrs Flagged Between July 12 and July 18 Are Immortal!

Yuksel Resistance 1746. Day Noon Statement

< /a>In his statement, Mehmet Dersulu, who made the statement of the Yuksel Resistance at Noon on the 1746th Day, said: “The AKP is unfair to the people and to itself and its supporters. impunity continues! In the Çorlu Train Massacre, the real perpetrators are not prosecuted, the same is happening in Bozkurt.Dere Those responsible for the deaths of dozens of people who gave development permission to their bed and did not inspect it are still protected, only one contractor is put on trial for show!” said

Austrian Popular Front Call to Action: Freedom for Ali Osman Köse, Sycamore of the Revolution

We Will Keep Ali Osman Köse Alive!We invite all our sensitive people to the protest event we will hold in front of the Turkish Consulate General in Vienna for the Revolutionary Ill Prisoner Ali Osman KÖSE, who has been in solitary confinement in the Prisons of Turkish Fascism for 37 Years...Date: Wednesday, 01.09.2021Time: Between 16:00-17:00Address: Hietzinger Hauptstr. 38 A1130 WIENLet the Sick Prisoners Release!Free Ali Osman Köse!Ali Osman Köse Is Our Honor! p>People's Front of Austria