The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Sinan Oktay Özen, One of the Free Prisoners of Greece, Describes the Attack

In the trial of Turkish revolutionaries in Greece, the prisoners were attacked because they did not accept arbitrary attitudes. During the attack, Sinan Oktay Özen, who had recently undergone heart surgery, fainted with a punch to the chest. Our comrade, who was taken to the hospital by ambulance, was brought to the Koridallos prison, where he later stayed. Greek fascism is attacking the prisoners with the instructions from the AKP government. We will continue to sing the song of resistance against fascism wherever we are in the world.

A New Poetry by Revolution Poet Hasan Biber: EY ÖZGÜRLÜK

EY FREEDOM"O freedom"My clenched fists for you! For you p>wielding my weapon foryou, your blood flowed in the squares p> survived our fight! "O freedom!"In the mountains in resounding anthems heartp> our armed people!p> in the streets,p> cortege in shoulder to shoulderp> And the most prominentp> waving flag !P> p> "My freedom"p> The branch will hit the Exilesp> Forests enthusiasmp> tells our song!P >Flowers will bloomin the heart of life In Anatoliawhile we wave our flag! "O freedom!"In the mountains in echoing anthems > our armed people!p> in the streets,p> cortege in shoulder to shoulderp> And the most prominentp> flags...

Breakfast Event Held at İdil Cultural Center

Breakfast was held at İdil Cultural Center on 15.08.2021. At the breakfast, the importance of the Attitude Magazine, which was published again after a long hiatus, was mentioned. While the corrupt culture of the bourgeoisie was imposed on the people with all kinds of means, Tavır Magazine was told that it continued its struggle in the field of culture and art alone and together with the people. It was also stated that every Attitude reader should be a distributor at the same time.In addition, Turan Aktaş himself explained the legitimacy of his resistance for his bread at the breakfast event...

Grup Yorum: We Greet Stefan Engel, Who Defends Grup Yorum in the Trials of Imperialism

Stefan Engel, who was tried in Mainingen city of Tühringen state of Germany on 3 August, with his stance before the court committee, rendered the attacks of German imperialism against Grup Yorum futile. Stefan Engel (MLPD theoretical publication director) defended Grup Yorum and was acquitted, emphasizing that Grup Yorum is not a forbidden group. We experienced another strong example of internationalist solidarity. After the resistance of Helin and İbrahim, Stefan Engel confirmed and defended the struggle of Grup Yorum. This is what we understand by solidarity. Solidarity is being convinced of a truth and defending that truth. Adoption is never...