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Athens Concert Call from Grup Yorum

We invite all our people to watch the Athens concert of Grup Yorum to be held today on facebook.To watch live, at 19:00 (TRS)Europe time. Let's meet on our facebook channel at 18:00!Our Facebook page:ürküler Susmaz Halaylar Lasts!< /p>

Anti-Corona Turkish Folk Song Night in Belgium!

In Belgium, on Saturday, February 27, in order not to surrender to Corona conditionswas broadcast live. Published on the Facebook page of the Belgian People's Agendato the folk song night Tanar Çatalpınar, Nazmi Durak, Ünal Yıldırım, KemalBroken AndPeople's Choir of Greece joined.The program is the day before (26 February) Hasan Hüseyin Korkmazgil’s death anniversary.It started with the poem 'We Made the Pain Honey'. Then Kemal Kırık with his saz and folk songsjoined the program. Afterwards, Corona conditions in our country and in the worldtalked about. Almost all of the world's governments are isolating the people andagainst the Corona Virus, which...

Umut TV – Public Agenda Europe Program Has Been Broadcast

In this week's program, we focus on the strike of the train drivers, which has affected our lives intensely and almost paralyzed public transportation, for two days in Germany. How do we view this strike, which is almost like a lynching campaign in the press, what are the demands of the resisting workers, all and more will be in our program... Let's Watch Umut Tv, Let's Have You Watch! We Share the Link of Our Video With You: https://Youtu .Be/Izgtimzybcı

Cotton Mother Died

Mother Pamuk, mother of revolutionary prisoners İsmail Akkol and Nuran Akkol, passed away on 16 August. Our condolences to Akkol's family.Pamuk Akkol's mother was under treatment for a long-standing illness that she had been suffering from. For her son İsmail, whom she has not seen for years and longed for, stood upright despite her illness and tiredness, and became an exemplary mother as a proud captive family, that her children were not alone. " Like Cemal Süreya, he never lost hope to see his son with stubbornness, said Pamuk mother. When his son İsmail was caught in Turkey after 25...