The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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New Book by Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber: Hope Can’t Be A Captive

Book Title: Hope Is Not CaptiveAuthor Name: Hasan BiberPublisher: Boran Publishing HousePublish Date:February 2021To Download Book Click div>People's VoiceFor Library Click“Weapon and songI use all the dark with thesei beatblooming in the blood of my childin my working wife's upright gazeand the sharp insomnia of mobsweapon and song" Hasan, one of the poets of the fightHüseyin Korkmazgil is like this in his poem KızılırmakIt says . The author of this book is our brother,Our comrade Hasan Biber also sheds all the darknesswith two things, gun and poetryA poet of a fight who believes he can win is a revolutionary poet.Poetry...

Action for Ali Osman Köse

As every Wednesday, this Wednesday (August 18, 2021) in front of Bielefelt C&A between 17-19.00 for the treatment of Ali Osman Köse, who is ill once again. The solidarity tent was opened. People passing by and wondering were told that Ali Osman Köse was evil. It was told that he had been a revolutionary imprisoned for 37 years and that he suffered from severe cancer due to this captivity and isolation conditions, and that although he could not meet his needs on his own, his treatment was blocked. While those who murder, rape children, thieves and drug dealers are released,...