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Freedom for Grup Yorum from Catalonia

In Catalonia, artists are alwaysTogether they sang songs for Grup Yorum and held the Freedom for Grup Yorum banner.they opened.Artists social mediaThey showed their solidarity once again by posting the support video on their website. Freedom to Grup YorumFrom Catalonia SolidarityTo Grup_Yorum Free Grup YorumTot El Nostre Suport En LaLluita Per LaLlibertat

Freedom for Ali Osman Köse – Weekly Solidarity Action in Vienna

The Committee for Freedom for Ali Osman Köse in Austria continued its weekly action on Mariahilfer Street in Vienna city center on Wednesday, August 18th. Banners and posters were hung on the crowded street in the demonstration, which attracted many people's attention.The voices of political and sick prisoners were heard through speeches and declarations, and demand for the immediate release of Ali Osman Köse and other sick prisoners was demanded. People were asked to be informed about this issue and to spread the news on social media, and to support Ali Osman Köse by writing to the relevant official institutions...

Anyone can become a member of Grup Yorum from TAVIR Broadcasts

Book Title: Anyone Can Become a Member of Grup Yorum Edited by Umut Gültekin Publisher: Tavır PublicationsPrint Date: August-2021 Click Here To Download Her BookClick For The People's Voice LibraryPreface;First, Helin and İbrahim, the seven notes I would like to start by saluting their commanders.HELLO TO STAR STARLIBRAHİM GÖKÇEKHELLO TO IMMORTAL SHARKIHELIN BÖLEKThis book is their It was written to help us shape our common emotional and spiritual form, describing our common ideological and political unity after the resistance. We learned to be ordinary from them and to be a soldier when it was our turn.Yes, ordinary but never by...