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Yuksel Resistance 1739.Day Noon Statement

Mehmet Dersulu, who made the statement about the Yuksel Resistance in 1739 Days at Noon, said the following in his statement despite all the obstacles. “During the AKP rule, the only thing he gave to the people is Injustice! One of them is the Çorlu train massacre that took place 1134 days ago! You will not hide your negligence under the name of natural disaster.”

New Book From Atır Publications No Place For Intimidation In Our ranks

Book Title: No Room for Despair In Our LinesAuthor Name: Rezzan ŞengülPublisher: AttitudePrint Date: August-2021 Downloading the Book Click forClick for Public Voice LibraryIn a guerrilla barrelIn a worker's sledgehammer In a student boycottRight thereclenched fistsour poems. Writing poetry to life, historical action of revolutionaries. And this action, by its natureinvolves life in a depth ranging from love to sacrifice. REZZAN SENGÜL conveys this depth to us in a simple language and style with his poems.By keeping the names of those who marched on the path of revolution for the people, for the homeland, and those who created a revolutionary...

British Popular Front Attends Justice March for Bournemouth Mehmet Altun

He participated in the march for Mehmet Altun, who was murdered by gangs at the age of 13 by gangs in the city of Bournemouth, England.Thousands participated in the march for Mehmet Altun on Saturday, 28 August .The British Popular Front took its place in the march and stood by Mehmet Altun's family. Justice was demanded for Mehmet Altun.Slogans such as "We want justice for Mehmet Altun", "We know Mehmet's murderers", "We will not allow gangs" were chanted throughout the protest.England where the protest ended. The Popular Front made a speech against corruption.

A New Poetry by the Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber: Shout Class Hatred in the Squares

CALL ON SQUARE CLASS KINE that we produce sting steel We are the one who cooksvaccine bread! We are the one who creates maker >deaths of starvation! Mauser bullet does not hide its flameyour hatred! byyoureyes We will either cry outwe willbecome Ferhat in the mountainsP> Fire in the middlep> Under the leadp> boomingp> gürler our hearts in the fight!P> p> < p> your eyes Let your voice echo freedoms! 24.12.2020 Greece-Athens< /p> /p> /p> /p> /p> /p>