The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Support for Germany Giant-Young Ali Osman Köse Was On Hunger Strike

We, as the German Giant-Young people, participated in the international support hunger strike on July 25. Our 1-day hunger is our commitment, trust and love to our brother Ali Osman, who is the name of lifelong revolutionism. Before Ali Osman Köse, we demand the freedom of all sick prisoners. Health conditions are not suitable for prison conditions, keeping him in prison is Torture! Torture is a Crime of Humanity! Release Ali Osman Köse Immediately! End Torture! Germany Giant-Young

People of İkizdere, who have been resisting since April 21, are not alone!

The people of İkizdere, who resisted the quarry that wanted to be established and operated by Cengizin İnşaat, are not alone. Villagers who did not want their nature and water to be polluted were detained, threats were made, in short, they want to spread fear from the people of İkizdere, who are resisting legitimately. The surrounding villages are also helping the villagers of İkizdereli.We, the European-Giant Youth, are behind the people of İkizdere, and they are not alone in their resistance. AKP is trying to show itself as strong. In fact, they know very well how weak he is. Today,...

Football Tournament Against Corruption and Gangbanging in England Has Ended

Football Tournament Against Corruption and Gangs in EnglandFinal EndedPir Sultan Cultural Center and Clubs Union Week 2 Summer League completedWith Pir Sultan Cultural Center and Clubs Union The jointly organized Summer League was concluded with the final matchesMessages are given to inform the youth against corruption and gangs, and to inform our youth about the importance of friendship, brotherhood, unity, sharing togetherness and the importance of our own culture, values ​​and institutions here. The final match of the 2021 summer league, organized by the pir sultan cultural center and TTFF Clubs union against corruption, resulted in a magnificent night. It...

Grup Yorum’s Statement on the Flood in the Black Sea Region

Floods also occurred in Sinop, Samsun, Bartın and Kastamonu on 11 August. Our people lost their lives, their homes were flooded, their vehicles were submerged in water, and they were dragged into the flood. Those who coveted the eyes of our poor people once again caused the same pain to our people. We see people's houses destroyed. We are angry.AKP fascism; They are selling everything that belongs to our people for the sake of profit. They said, "We will sell like the fathers," they are selling. We are dying, we are losing our homes. We will continue to die as...

European Popular Front: Increasing Our Ownership for Justice

Every part of us is surrounded by injustice, lawlessness, oppression and terror.Every segment of the public is the target of this injustice and unlawfulness.Against injustice. Every position we wage war on is a part of our war against all injustices.Today's fight for the freedom of our sick prisoner comrade Ali Osman Köse is the symbol of our struggle for the freedom of all sick prisoners.Greece Our struggle for the freedom of Turkish revolutionaries against the unlawful punishments given to the revolutionaries in Turkey is a symbolic struggle against all unlawfulness.Our struggle for the freedom of Erdal Gökoğlu is a flag...