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11 Revolutionaries From Turkey Are Not Alone

Greek Fascism was not content with the punishments it gave to 11 Revolutionary Prisoners from Turkey and sent Sinan Oktay Özen, Halil Demir, İsmail Zat, Hasan Kaya and Sinan Çam from his Koridallo prison to other prisons by a Ministry Decision, in order to take advantage of the imperialism he served as his servant. Down with imperialism.Down with Fascism.Revolutionary Prisoners are Our Honor.

The State is Responsible for the Massacre in Konya

In an armed attack on a house in Meramilce district in Konya on 31.07.2021, 7 people, including four women, from the same family were killed as a result of a racist attack. After the armed attackthe houses of the Dedeoğlu family were set on fire. In the massacre that took place, Yaşar Dedeoğlu, BarışDedeoğlu, Serpil Dedeoğlu, Serap Dedeoğlu, İpek Dedeoğlu, Metin Dedeoğlu and SibelDedeoğlu were murdered.The family was attacked before and By saying "we are nationalists, we will not let you live here", a massacre has been threatenedand the DEDEOĞLU family has been killedwithout taking any precautions.This massacre is not...

Armutlu People’s Front Statement: Ebru Timtik is Immortal

Fuat Erdoğan to Ebru Timtik Continues The Struggle of People's Lawyers!Lawyer Ebru Timtik, who was sentenced to 159 years of capis, invested with the words "If a lawyer dies, he will seek justice in his grave" starve your body. Ebru Timtik was sentenced to 159 years in prison for working as the people's lawyer and fighting for justice with the people.This 159-year sentence was given to Ebru Timtik; , 301 Mining Workers, Grup Yorum,Nuriye and Semih and were given for handling many cases. Being the People's Advocate was not a crime, but EbruTimtik was given a 159-year prison sentence for...

Public School Call from Germany’s Giant Youth

p>People as German Giant-Youth on Friday morning, 11 DecemberWe read the column 'From the Free Prisoners' Front' from the 56th issue of the School Journal.Death Fast of Our Free Prisoners from Kocaeli No. 2 F Type PrisonWe read what you wrote about our martyr Helin and Ebru. them once againfamiliar, once again connected and loved.To know our martyrs and follow our policiesLet's Read the Public School Magazine! Germany Dev-Young

Live Broadcast at GHA Before Trials of Turkish Revolutionaries Imprisoned in Greece

Thursday, June 24th, 19.00 European time, 20.00 Turkish timeWe are Live on Facebook page and Youtube of our agencyLawyer GÜNAY DAĞ, Özgür Tutsak ŞADİ ÖZPOLAT (Phone Link) and With GÖNÜL PAPUR from the GROUP COMMENTARY Choir of Greece"WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE PROCEEDINGS OF TURKISH REVOLUTIONARY IN GREECE" :// GerçekHaberAjansıHearings of 11 Turkish revolutionaries imprisoned in Greek prisons will begin on July 2, 2021.On March 19, 2020, in Athens, the capital of Greece, Turkish citizens The houses where the revolutionaries stayed were raided with long-barreled weapons by the Anti-Terrorism police and Special Operations police of the “Association for Solidarity with...

Pencil Political Cartoon Humor Magazine 2nd Issue Is Out!

Life is full of contradictions as a requirement of dialectics. Opposites coexist. Beauty-the-ugly, good-bad, right-wrong. We cannot consider any of them separately. Crying and laughing are two emotions to be evaluated within this dialectical law. And when it comes to laughing, humor comes to mind.We come from a people who are oppressed, exploited, ignored and condemned to live face to face with pain all their lives. Although it may seem like a contradiction, we are the grandchildren of humorists and humorists, which sprout as a kind of rebellion of consciousness kneaded with pain, in accordance with the laws of the...

TAYAD Statement: Fascism Kills

A fascist mob murdered a family in Meram district of Konya. A similar massacre was experienced by the Şenyaşar Family in Şanlıurfa. Massacres are the main character of racist, reactionary and fascist governments. Fascism is what it was in Şanlıurfa, in Maraş, in Sivas, and in Hatay on December 19, it is also in Meram district! The AKP government does not hold back from attacking and killing the people. Although they say the reasons for the attack separately, its quality is related to each other. There is no difference between the murderers of Edibe mother in Hatay, Şenyaşar family in...