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Support from Public School Journal Workers Hunger Strike

Our Support for People's Lawyers and Free PrisonersWe are on Hunger StrikeThe death fast resistance started with the demand for a fair trial.Today, People's Advocates Ebru Timtik 200. Aytaç Ünsal 167.; Free PrisonersDidem Akman and Özgür Karakaya are on their 153rd day. Although their demands are simple and affordable, the People'sAKP fascism, which wants to take revenge on its lawyers and revolutionary prisoners, makes these demands.the death fast resisters, by not meeting their cells, are becoming more and morecontinues to add crime to his crimes by causing him to approach death.We, as the workers of the People's School magazine, support...

Composition for Koçak Mustafa by Alişan Taburoğlu

We share with you the composition that our Giant Youth Free Prisoner Alişan Taburoğlu composed and sang for our Koçak Mustafa.Our Free Prisoners continue to produce with the strength they get from our martyrs. Let's be hope, let's embrace it with our letters and cards, let's send our greetings.Our Free Prisoners are Our Honor!Alişan Taburoğlu is Our Honor!Mustafa Koçak is Immortal!

TAVIR Magazine’s 169th Issue Is Out!

WE WANT JUSTICE! Let the İdil Cultural Center not be Published! Concert Bans Should Be Lifted! Group Comment Members Should Be Removed From Terrorist Lists! Let Imprisoned Members Be Released! Let the Lawsuits Be Dropped Against! The Journal of Attitude in Culture and Art, Issue 169 is out After a long time, we are together again with you, our readers. We are happy to be in... It was a period when culture and art increased as well. Most of these pressures Revolutionary artists and institutions, the greatest fear of fascism, got its share. All concerts of Grup Yorum, big and...

The Cologne Resistance for Identity Rights by the German Resistance Assembly in its 140th Week

The German Resistance Council was once again in front of the Cologne Immigration Office in its 140th week.The resistance to defend identity rights and freedom of thought continues with determination.Until the insurgents gain their identity rights Stating that the resistance will continue, they expressed the following demands:- Our identity rights should be restored- End the imposition of signatures- Remove the 30 kilometer limitation The demands of the insurgents are the demands of all victims whose right to asylum has been usurped and whose freedom of thought is denied. We call on all of our people, especially the victims, to support...

While Turan Aktaş was Resisting for 583 Days, Şişli Municipality Decided Not to Pay and Hire

Turan Aktaş is a worker who resisted for 583 days for his job, bread and honor. He was fired from Şişli Municipality and will resist until he returns to his job. Today, Kent-Yol, the interlocutor company affiliated to Şişli Municipality, called Turan Aktaş's lawyers and said that they would pay Turan Aktaş the money decided to be paid by the court, but they would not hire him. They ignored the resistance that lasted for 583 days. With this decision, they humiliated our resistance. They said, 'Resist no matter how much you resist, we will not hire you.'The CHP's Şişli Municipality,...

Interview with Helin Bölek, Member of Indefinite Hunger Strike Resistance Grup Yorum, from Halkın Sesi TV

"The darkest moment of the night is the closest to dawn. This resistance is the resistance of Grup Yorum and the entire people. " Grup Yorum members are resisting by revealing their bodies against pressures, detentions, arrests, concert bans, and the state's colorful terror lists. Grup Yorum voices the people's demand for freedom and independence with their hunger after their songs. We are publishing the interview we made with Grup Yorum Member Helin Bölek on 12 December.

TAYAD Families Freedom for Sick Prisoners Campaign Works

The Families of TAYAD hung 15 wall newspapers, primarily Ali Osman Köse, as part of the Freedom for Sick Prisoners Campaign, in Alibeyköy on July 29, and lit candles in front of them. The public had a great interest in wax wall newspapers. They read the newspapers with curiosity and interest. We will remove all of our sick prisoners, especially Revolutionary Patient Prisoner Ali Osman Köse, from their isolation cells.Families from TAYAD< /div>