The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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A New Poetry by the Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber: Greetings to Those Who Didn’t Have to Deal with the Fight

On the slopes at duskWe lean on Taurus!Running to the seas With Tigris, Euphrates and BerdanWe break the kneeShepherds are at the fire!When the dawn breaks in ÇukurovaRow rowTrucks, tractorsOn the way to the marketsRow row Colorbars They walk to the fields! with every breathSome people wrap tobaccoSomeSings the TurkishAll together! in Çukurovaguerrilla walking arm in armPure tablesLet the children not be sad That's why this fight!We are the people of Anatolia hey canWe challenge the enemy!We are with our 898 wounds*Non-deliveryWe are in siege“Come if you dare”*Shouting!Kemals, Bedies, UğurlarLeylas, Yazgullari, GulnazBerdanlar, Erdinçler, AhmetlerThe land in bloomIn the glory of...

Nrw People’s Assemblies Statement: Those Who Burn Our Forests and Do Not Take Precautions Against Fires Are Traitors!

There were countless forest fires in various parts of our country.It is not a coincidence that so many forest fires broke out at the same time.The homeland has nothing to do with protecting the homeland. It is a well-known fact that exploitative tyrants, who do not think of anything other than exploiting the labor of our people, the underground and aboveground riches of our homeland and offering them to the imperialists, are burning our forests under the protection of the AKP government to open up rent areas. It is known that countless forest fires are caused by the armed forces...