The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Letter Call to Captive Giant-Youths Video

As European Giant Youths, we have been running the 'Captive Giant-1000 Letters to the Youth' campaign for about 5 weeks.Within the framework of this campaign, dozens of letters are written from European countries every week. After a period of 5 weeks, a total of 300 letters were sent from Europe to the imprisoned Giant-Young people. We invite everyone to double this number and write a letter to the Giant-Young people.The Giant-Young people are the most honorable sons of the people. Freedom for Giant-Youths who are imprisoned for wanting free education and justice!

Pencil Political Humor Magazine’s First Issue Has Been Released!

Hello…We are also in the field of humor!Humor is a tool for the oppressed to take revenge on the oppressor!While imperialism and its collaborator fascist AKP government continue to attack people in every field, we will be against them in the field of humor, we will continue our war in the field of humor and we will definitely win!Imperialism continues its attack against the people in the field of humor. In today's conditions where everything is corrupted, it is impossible for humor not to take its share from this attack. The oppressors know very well the power of humor and...

Yuksel Resistance 1732. Day Evening Statement

The Ascension Resistance evening statement was made by Merve Demirel. In her statement, Merve Demirel said, “On the 613th day of Turan Aktaş resistance. It continues to resist the CHP's hostility towards workers. Turan Aktaş will win his fight, we know that. He said.Victory Will Become of the Resisting Laborers!

Public School Magazine Description: Public School Magazine Cannot Be Silenced

The just and legitimate person, institution, thought everywhere, with their foreheads upright, tells their thoughts, their righteousness, and shouts. It does not resort to lies, oppression and threats to others. He does not resort to lies, pressure, threats, or to silence his opponent with his power. It doesn't need anything like that. Because it has a concrete justification against the reality of life. THE PUBLIC SCHOOL DOES THIS.Well, what do you call fascism, who resorts to lies, slander, slander, slander, reflecting the non-existent as if they have happened, using their power to intimidate and intimidate their opponents by deceit and...