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Hope Tv – Knowledge is Power – Selfishness Episode 1

In the first week of our Knowledge is Power program, our topic is SELFISH.In 3 chapters, we will briefly explain what selfishness is, how it is imposed on the public and what we should do against selfishness. Today we are here with the First Episode. Let's follow the Knowledge is Power program to strengthen our knowledge treasure...We will be here with the Knowledge is Power Program every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. We wish all our people well...Let's watch Umut Tv and let them watch!#UmutTv

New Book: The Right to Resist

Book Title: The Right to Resist Publisher: Boran PublicationsPrint Date: April 2020Introduction:“Where there is hunger and oppression, peoples cannot resist legitimately.they will use it! A power that tries to destroy the Right to Resistis power. Anyone who is oppressed, exploited, oppressed,The people have the right to resist the exploitation and oppression schemes. It is historical,stems from class justification, and arming against tyranny and the order of tyranny.without being subjected to oppression and terror, without being exploited, condemned to slavery.It also includes establishing a new order in which they will live without being harmed.”Dursun KaratasTo Download Book ClickPeople's VoiceFor Library Click

Sovereigns Do Not Give People Their Rights, People Take Soke Soke

Turan Aktaş has knitted his resistance day by day, stitch by stitch, day by day, in the 599 days of his resistance, which he started for his work, effort and sweat! He stood guard in front of the city hall every day and exposed the injustices of MuammerKeskin, and he continues to do so.Muammer Keskin, who is both an enemy of the workers and wants to appear like a friend of the workers, made a court decision although he does not give Turan Aktaş his job back! Now he is threatening Turan Aktaşwith “death” through his relatives!We ask Muammer Keskin:Where...

Wall Newspapers from the People’s Front

People's Front for the sick revolutionary prisoner Ali Osman Köse on August 25, For the Şenyaşar Family, who demanded justice after the murderers were not tried, For Edibe Özçelik, who died during the house raid of the enemies of the people, and Ebru, the valuable lawyer of the people, the goddess of justice. The injustices in our country were exposed by making a wall newspaper for Timtik.