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HFG Neighborhood Study Continues in Cologne-Chorweiler

As HFG Workers in the Chorweiler district of Cologne, Germany, we carried out a mailbox study with the Giant-Youth in Germany. We threw the notices of 300 German and Turkish anti-drug centers together with our contact information into the mailboxes. We gave information by pressing the bells of 10 Turkish families and invited them to our Tent actions. All of our people gave very positive reactions. They follow us, they embrace us.Let's increase ownership!We must unite in the fight against drugs. We Are Not Helpless The solution is in the People's Assemblies, the Solution is in the Fight Against Drugs...

International Internet Conference And Concert

Our Struggle for Justice Continues!We Will Win by Resisting!International Internet Conference and Concert in Solidarity with Death Fasting Resistances Freedom to Grup Yorum!Repeal Concert Bans!Freedom to People's Advocates!Freedom to Revolutionary Prisoners! Helin Bölek, Mustafa Koçak, İbrahim Gökçek is immortal!Date: Sunday, May 17, 2020Time: 20.00 (Turkey time), 19.00 (Central European time) div>Live link:'s Law Firm InternationalCommittee for Freedom to Group CommentAnti-Imperialist Front div>

On the 61st Day of Turan Aktaş Resistance

611 today's district governor of Şişli betrays the mayor of Şişli, MuammerKeskin, to get us out of here. He hands the piece of paper into the hands of the security bureau chiefs. The governor who does not recognize the decision of the authorities of the Republic of Turkey @kilicdarogluk @muammerkeskin75