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International Solidarity Conference and Concert

Solidarity with the Death Fast Resistance in Turkey3 May 2020 – 19 (Europe time: 18.00)İbrahim Gökçek must live!Freedom to Grup Yorum!Freedom to People's Advocates!Freedom for Political Prisoners!Helin Bolek is Immortal!Mustafa Koçak is Immortal!Participants:Turkey: Grup Yorum, People's Advocates, TAYAD, Resistance House -With PearGreece, Palestine, Ireland, England, Austria,Mexico, Peru, Donbass, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, PhilippinesArtists:Grup Yorum, Efkan Şeşen, Hüseyin Turan, Hakan Akmaz, İbrahimKaraca, Haluk Tolga İlhan, Muzaffer Gezer, Austria - Topoke, France -Afrokan, Gehorwaesche - Germany, Pol MC Adaim - Ireland, Nicolas - ChileJustified Claims Accepted!International Solidarity is the Weapon of the Peoples!Against Imperialism, Fascism, Inequality and InjusticeStruggle is not a crime, it's...

Germany -Giant Youth Attends Rally Against Racism and Police Violence

He participated in the "Against Racism and Police Violence" rally organized by the Hamburg Popular Front on July 17, 2021.The rally was enthusiastic and joyful. Approximately 210 people attended. Grup Yorum and guest artist Hakan Akmaz accompanied them with folk songs. Statements were read, folk songs were sung, meals were given, halay dances were performed.The racist policies of the German state were completely exposed. Examples of NSU Nazi gang's relations with the intelligence organization or Oury Jalloh, who was brutally burned in his cell in 2005, were mentioned. It was also told about 15-year-old Kadir, who was attacked by 5...

Turan Aktaş Resistance Diary

On the 598th day of my resistance, I continue to demand my job back. I will not leave the door of the CHP Şişli mayor Muammer Keskin, who does not recognize the court decision. I will expose the CHP to the public, which will scream every day those who persecute me, my family, my friends. Muammer Keskin, who was elected mayor by the people for 5 years, sees the municipality as his father's property. He thinks we are slaves who are bought and sold. It throws workers seeking rights out into the street every day. The most cruel mayor who...