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Public School Magazine 51st Issue Is Out

The Reason for the Arrest of the Yuksel Insurgents:Taking Intense ActionAKP FASCISM SAYS;* Exported by Decree and Played with Your Bread; YOU RESISTED* Detained by Torture; YOU DID NOT GIVE UP* Fine; YOUR PAYMENT* I Gave House Arrest; YOU DON'T KNOW* I Terrorized and Kicked Out of Syndicates; YOU ARE NOT FAILEDTHEREFORE, I WILL PUNISH YOU FOR CRIMINAL AND IMPRISONED...OLIGARCHY IS IMPOSSIBLE AGAINST THOSE WHO RESISTS!NO TORTURE, NOR ARREST, NO PENALTY...NOTHING CAN PREVENT RESISTANCES AGAINST FACISISRESISTANCE DOES NOT END BEFORE INJUSTICE IS END!Contents*Ascension Resistors' Work for 1454 Days, For Their BreadThey Continue to Resist The Reason for the Arrest of...

European Grup Yorum Volunteers Suggest Movie of the Week

Movie of the week: Gagarin orLet's Watch Kalashnikov Movies.Soviethow he produced engineers and astronauts from village children,It shows that anyone can do anything.Also in the movie Kalashnikovthat you can be an engineer without reading, that many things can be done. this issuethe people tell their children that no one should empower them.Many other things it tellsbeside.Here is the history of world revolutionHelin, who wrote her name, is an example of this. Mustafa, Igbo is an example.They are resisting for all the peoples of the world. They represent the dignity of all the peoples of the world.An ordinary folk boyMustafa is...

The Resistance for Identity Rights Sustained in Cologne by the German Resistance Assembly is in its 141st Week

While the insurgents once again expressed their demands this week, they also made a statement about the forest fires in our country and said that those who burn our forests and do not take precautions are traitor collaborators.- Our usurped Identity rights should be restored- Remove the 30-kilometer limitation- End the imposition of signaturesDown with Imperialism and Fascism!Long Live the Honorable Sons of Our People who are resisting for their rights!Germany Resistance Assembly

Freedom for Sick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse

Ill prisoner Ali Osman Köse has been imprisoned in the cells of fascism for 38 years, 21 of which were in severe isolation. In this process, Ali Osman KÖSE, who saw juntas and went on hunger strikes, deteriorated and became a cancer patient as well as many diseases. As a result of the struggles for Ali OsmanKÖSE, Ali Osman KÖSE was operated on, but was immediately taken back to Tekirdağ F-type prison. and the greatest example of this is Ali Osman Köse, who has devoted his life to the revolution today. We want Ali Osman Köse to be released immediately...