The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Public School Magazine 48th Issue Is Out

BOURIOUS DEMOCRACY IS DICTATORSHIP FOR THE PEOPLE!FASCISM IS A POLICE STATE-TOMA IS THE REPUBLIC-IT IS THE REPUBLIC OF DETENTION-PRISON IS REPUBLIC-THE PEOPLE IS ENEMY, IT IS A BIG LIE THAT IT IS THE STATE OF LAW. IF IT IS OUR MISSION AGAINST BOURIOUS DEMOCRACY:- ORGANIZING FOR PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC POWER -RESISTING AGAINST FASCISM IS NEVER TO SURPRISE!Number: 48October 11, 2020Contents* Democracy for the Bourgeoisie is Dictatorship for the People!* The isolation imposed on Ali Osman Köse is Torture! in isolationEnd!* Art and Artist for the People: No Art for Fascism! FascismIt cannot produce anything original for the public, Cannot create! 'MusicSaying...

Grup Yorum Continues Concert Preparations in France

The members of Grup Yorum have arrived in France for the Internet Concert that will take place on May 21. Grup Yorum members, who have started concert studies and rehearsals, invite all our people to watch the Internet concert on May 21.Group Yorum will hold an online concert on May 21. Group Comment is PublicCannot be silenced

You cannot return Halil Demir!

11 The Greek Court sentenced 11 Revolutionists from Turkey. Your penalties are void! The court is preparing to extradite the Turkish revolutionary Halil Demir to AKP Fascism by not giving a sentence. The Greek Courts should know that our sons, who have recently established the same extradition courts for other Turkish revolutionaries, have nullified these decisions of the courts by putting their bodies on the Hunger Strike. Today, however, the Greek government, disregarding its own laws, is trying to extradite Turkish Revolutionary Halil Demir, who is fighting for independence and socialism by playing dirty games with AKP Fascism. The Greek...

Written for Greek Prisoners in Magdeburg

A total of 4 writings were made in Magdeburg, Germany for 11 Turkish Antifascists who were arrested by the order of US imperialism and the operation of the fascist AKP and the collaborative Greek government and sentenced to a total of 330 years in prison. Collaboration of the Greek government was exposed in the writings made in German, and it was emphasized that it is not a crime but a duty to fight revolutionism and fascism. -Young