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Public School Magazine 47th Issue Is Out

You Can't Silence With Legal BullyingYou Can't Stop It With Re-Arrest From Prison!Your Decaying Order, Your Corrupted Justice You Have Been Crushed Under Our 30 Kg Sizes!Number: 47October 4, 2020Contents* Fascism, Decaying Order is Corrupted Justice* Justice Is Too Valuable to be Left at the mercy of FascismReal Death is Accepting the Injustice of Fascism!* Victory; It is the right of our people who resist like bread and water!Zafer, by Mustafa Koçak, Helin Bölek, İbrahim Gökçek, Ebru TimtikHe was born like the sun shining on his forehead, over the Anatolian lands!* We Win the Victory in Death Fasting... We Will...

We asked in front of the Belgian Ministry of Justice: What is Erdal Gökoğlu’s fault?

We carried out another of the actions we take every week in front of the Belgian Ministry of Justice on Wednesday, 12 May. Our slogans demanding that Erdal is not alone and that he be released immediately did not stop for exactly one hour.Also, what's wrong with Erdal? Why Aren't You Released Yet? We gave the file where his questions were asked to the Ministry of Justice.We will continue our actions until Erdal is released, we will never leave him alone.

Support for Death Fasts in Greece Hunger Strike Continues

People's Front in Greece; Grup Yorum members andMustafa Koçak's pursuit of art freely and demands for justiceIndefinite Hunger Strike resistance they started to support the Death Fast resistance.continues.Resistanceist Hasan Farsak 29 days, Hüseyin Sungü 16 daysOur Greek friend Sofia is on a hunger strike today.supported the strike and issued a short message of solidarity.

Banner for Ali Osman Köse in Hamburg

Action for Ali Osman Köse from Hamburg Youth For the sick prisoner Ali OsmanKöse, who has been imprisoned in Turkey for 38 years, in Hamburg, St. Youth of the neighborhood held a support action in Pauli. Front friends, St. Pauli youth called to be one fist and one heart against this injustice. Long Live International Solidarity!Freedom for Ali Osman Köse!

Turan Aktaş, Resisting for His Bread, Walks to Ankara

Turan Aktaş Salih Şahin and Ramazan Çelik, who resist for their bread and honor, are marching to Ankara in front of Şişli Municipality on September 15, 2021.Our people! Turan Aktaş is praying not only for himself but for all workers. Let's embrace this resistance, let's embrace Turan Aktaş.We Are Workers, We Are Right We Will WinVictory Will Be the Resisting Laborer

European Giant-Youth Organized Youth Trip in London

On August 30, 2021, we, as the European Giant-Youths, made a Youth Trip in London's first Region. We chatted with a total of 7 people during the walk, and then we rode bicycles.One of the greatest values ​​given to us is companionship. It is to be able to set out on the same path, to dream the same dreams and to have my comrades behind.Tours that strengthen commitment as European Giant-Youth and We will continue to make programs.