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Public School 42nd Issue Has Been Released

Our Death Fast Resistance for Justice;The slogan "Shoulder to Shoulder Against Fascism" Is ForgottenIt Revived Revolutionary Solidarity in a Process. The Strongest of PeoplesHe Showed That His Weapon Is Solidarity.Joint Call for Ebru and Aytaç from All Over the World:1,273 Aydıns, Artist, Politician, Journalist from Turkey: "Ebru and AytaçLet him be tried fairly!", 1848 Bar Associations, Lawyers, Lawyers from 40 Different CountriesOrganization: "End Unlawfulness! Let's Keep Our Colleagues Alive!""To Live is Right, To Live is Duty!" He Signed.Thousands of Different Thinkers in Turkey and 50 Countries of the WorldProfession and Mass Organization, Party, Artist and Intellectual, Revolutionaries JusticeGathered in Resistance....

Video in Memory of Stuttgart Grup Yorum Volunteer İbrahim Gökçek

Home Commemorations are held for the starred Yürekİbrahim Gökçek in every city of Germany upon the call of the European Giant-Young and songs are sung in his memory... On this occasion, videos, memorial photos, etc. from our people. We are waiting for you.We share with you the song "CEMO", sung by Stuttgart Grup Yorum Volunteer in memory of İbrahim Gökçek. Grup Yorum songs and anthems will not fall out of our language! We will protect the legacy that Helin and İbrahim Abi left us! İBRAHIM GÖKÇEK IS IMMORTAL!

Pressure Continues on 11 Free Prisoners in Greece

YOU CANNOT DELIVER FREE PRISONERS THROUGH PRESSURE! On July 22, 2021, after 11 Free Prisoners were sentenced to 20 years in prison for alleged organization membership, Halil Demir It was reported by the Pireas prosecutor's office that there was a request for extradition by Turkey. Halil Demir has been living as a political refugee in Greece for 22 years and no extradition request or court has been seen against him so far. The reason why his extradition is on the agenda today is that the Greek courts sentenced the Free Prisoners to 20 years for each alleged organization membership. In...

Freedom Written for Sick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse

We say that the walls are the printing house of the people. As the European Giant-Youths, we have printed our request for Freedom to Sick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse to the printing house of the people. Keeping sick prisoners in prison means death for them. They want to murder Ali Osman Köse... we must not allow this and carry our demand for freedom everywhere.Freedom for Sick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse!