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İbrahim Gökçek Memorials in Stuttgart, Germany

Today, commemorations were held in Stuttgart, Nuremberg, for İBRAHİM GÖKÇEK, the commander of the 7 Notes, the star heart of the peoples of the world. We bow respectfully before the memory of GrupYorum member İbrahim Gökçek. House Commemorations and Street Commemorations will continue in the coming days.İbrahim Gökçek is Immortal!

Grup Yorum Interview and Comments from Russia

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Poster Work was Made for Turan Aktaş in İzmir

For Turan Aktaş, who disregards the right, law and justice, tortured the workers who sought their rights, and reported to the police that the mayor of the CHP Şişli Muammer Keskin is an enemy of workers, and who resisted by not putting up with the injustice done to him. Poster work was carried out by the Izmir Revolutionary Workers' Movement on August 2 and 3 in Izmir.

Public Workers’ Front Description

The 20-Year Sentences of 11 Turkish Revolutionaries in Greek CourtsValid!Revolutionaries' Word "We Are Right We Will Win" Against Imperialism And Its Collaborators Historically Condemned!TO REVOLUTIONARY IS THE MOST Legitimate MOST HONORABLE EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD! NO PENALTY CAN DESTROY THISTHE TRUTH!11 Turkish revolutionaries who were imprisoned by conspiracy as a result of the cooperation between the Greek Government and the AKP government, were sentenced to prison sentences of up to 220 years in total. They have chosen to make a revolution as the legitimacy of their historical and political justification and the necessity of being human and remaining humaneas they...