The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Public School Magazine 41st Issue Is Out

Cost to the Public for Every 10-Cent Increase in Dollar 43Billion Lira... For Satisfaction of Imperialist Masters* Killed 301 miners in one night and orphaned 432 childrenthey left* They killed our people 25 times in Çorlu and 34 times in Roboski* They turned the streets and squares into torture chambers* They continue to make F-type isolation cells* Berkin Elvan, Hasan Ferit, Uğur Kaymaz, Mahsun,They killed Yılmaz, Dilek, İnanç, Günay, Sıla... * Imprisoning journalists,* Banning concerts to Grup Yorum* They sentence the People's Advocates to 159 years in prison10 Cents In Our Pocket To 43 Billion In Their PocketNot to be...

The Anti-Imperialist Front was in front of the Turkish Embassy in Athens

Located in Athens, the capital of Greece, TurkeyThe act of justice, which takes place every Friday in front of the Embassy, ​​is this week's InternationalIt was held with the participation of the symposium components. Turkey at 13:00The Anti-Imperialist Front gathered in front of the embassy.participants shouted slogans in Turkish, Greek, English and Spanish.he wanted freedom.Grup Yorum was also at the action, which was attended by about 50 people.with his tunes. Grup Yorum members, who will give a concert on Sunday,He excited the audience with his melodies in the action. Halay focused on Grup Yorum tunes.Desiring freedom for political prisoners on...

European Giant-Young: Erdal Gökoğlu Should Be Released Immediately Statement

Revolutionary Free Prisoner Erdal Gökoğlu is still detained in Belgian prisons despite the absence of any legal justification.Erdal Gökoğlu is not on trial in Belgium.The Belgian government has issued a warrant. there is no penalty.He was tried in Germany and served more of the prison sentence given to him than the time he could be released according to the Belgian execution law. Despite this, the Belgian state continues to imprison Erdal Gökoğlu without any law. he is subjected to arbitrary impositions and torture.He resisted the imposition of uniform dress and the torture of isolation.Until about a month ago, he was...