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Public School Magazine Statement: İbrahim Arslanhan is Immortal

Syriaİbrahim Arslanhan from People's Front Revolutionary People's Forces on the morning of 23 July 2020He passed away with a heart attack. Ibrahim Arslanhan Harbiye – YayladagBorn in Turfanda Village, between RevolutionHe will be remembered for his efforts and the price he paid for it.Respiratoryİbrahim Arslanhan, who died of a heart attack due to heart failure, is 30.He was buried in Syria in July 2020. Ibrahim Arslanhan's We Will Keep His Memory Alive!RevolutionThe effort given, the price paid, are the pages and lines of our magazine.between. They are not just stories, lifetimes for the revolution,are lives. Keeping them alive is not...

Call from Didem Akman’s Mother, Zülfiye Akman

The promises made to free prisoner Didem Akman, who was on death fast to improve prison conditions and ended the death fast by promising that his demands would be fulfilled, are not being fulfilled. Describing the situation of Didem Akman, her mother, Zülfiye Akman, called for the promises to be fulfilled.

Grup Yorum’s Voice of Resistance was in Oslo

The voice of Grup Yorum, which resists the demands of the righteous, continues to resonate everywhere. Grup Yorum worker Sena Erkoç had a meeting with the representative of Safemuse, together with the representative of Freemuse, on the history, struggle and resistance of Grup Yorum on 31 January.The Safe Music Havens Initiative ( Safemuse)- (Safe Music Housing Initiative) invited Grup Yorum member Sena Erkoç on 1 February. While discussing the history of Grup Yorum since its establishment, hosted by Safemuse, it was demanded that the pressures on comment come to an end by drawing attention to its struggle. In the news...

Giant-Young: We Hang a Wall Newspaper for Ali Osman Köse

5 pieces for Ali Osman KÖSE, a cancer patient who has been imprisoned in the isolation cells of fascism for 38 years as DEV-GENÇ on the Istanbul/Anatolian side We hung a wall newspaper. Ali Osman KÖSE is the name of the revolutionary will. We will continue to be the voice of Ali Osman Köse until we take him away from the oppression!Let Ali Osman Köse be Released Immediately! p>Free the Sick Prisoners!We Want Justice, We Will Get It!< p class="MsoNormal">Dev-Young

Third Statement of the Anti-Imperialist Struggle Committee – On the Murder of Haiti President Jovenel Moise

U.S. Imperialism, the Enemy of the Peoples of the World, Killed the President of the State in Haiti with a Night Operation!We Will Create Bright Futures Together with the Peoples of the World Against the Dark Night Operations of Imperialism!US imperialism July 7 In 2021, he murdered President Jovenel Moise with the operation he carried out in Haiti, a small island country in the Caribbean Sea. The US Ambassador to Haiti, Edmond, admitted that the operation, in which at least 28 people participated in total, was originally organized by the so-called "Drug Administration" (DEA) of the USA and 26 of...

Mass Work from Europe Giant-Young

We distributed leaflets for the Football tournament that will take place in Germany on July 26, 2021 as the European Giant-Youth. We distributed approximately 170 leaflets, went to the tradesmen, established bonds with our people and left leaflets, and carried out mailbox work in areas where Turkish people are concentrated. We want people's football, not industrial football!