The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Ras El Seni Event of Tekebaşı People’s Assembly Was Held With Enthusiasm!

On the New Year's Day of the Arab Alevi people, on January 14, Tekebaşı PeopleAssembly held an event in the Multi-Purpose Hall. This studyPreparations were started days before for the announcement.500 invitations to the public with the door work.distributed and 8 blueprints were hung in the central places of the neighborhood for the call. Our friend who applied close to the event start timeCalled by the gendarmerie station command and you need to signwas summoned to the police station. Our friend who went to the police station “With Grup YorumIf you make a live connection, we will print it, we...

Freedom Demonstration for Erdal Gökoğlu in Cologne

On Monday, July 19 (Today) the Belgian Imperialist state, which usurped Erdal Gökoğlu's freedom, was protested in Köln Neumarkt. Also, upon the news of the heavy prison sentences given to 11 revolutionaries in Greece today, the Greek state, which is the collaborator of imperialism and fascism, protested and it was emphasized that they could not intimidate the revolutionaries. Again, the punishments rained down on 11 revolutionaries were protested one by one with videos.DOWN WITH IMPERIALISM AND COOPERATIONS!Long Long Live the HONORABLE SONS OF OUR PEOPLE, REVOLUTIONARY!TO ERDAL GÖKOĞLU AND GREECE 11 FREEDOM TO THE REVOLUTIONARY!