The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Turkish version of Grup Yorum’s Roboski Poetry

Reviews Uludere in Sirnak Review Group in 2011 by the state Robos massacred the Kurds have done for our people that the poem was published. Turkish words of our poetry p>div> Poet: Halil Demir p>div> Group Comments: Hope GÜLTEKİN, İHSAN CİBELİK, Sena ERKOÇ p>div> Voiceover: Ahmed FLOWER (Review Group Volunteer) p>div> Şükriye Akar (Anti-Imperialist Front of Workers) p>div> M. Director - Fiction: Sena ERKOÇ p>div> iframe> the evening of December 28, 2011 Anatolian peoples of the new fascism He witnessed a massacre. Şırnak, Uludere township Roboski In the village, who were forced to go to the people to survive for...

Revolutionary Workers’ Movement Turan Aktaş Resistance Statement

TURAN AKTAŞTHE WORKING CLASS OF TURKEY HAS HONOR,WE WILL CONTINUE IT'S MARCH UNTIL VICTORY!A HONOR FIGHT DURING 583 DAYS< p> After the transfer of the subcontractor company in the municipalities, which was closed with the Decree, 744 thousand workers moved to the companies within the municipality where they worked, but they could not get the same salary as the workers who worked before them. In Şişli Municipality, this process took 27 months. Within these 27 months, worker Turan Aktaş objected to this situation, deceived the union and the municipality and filed a lawsuit on his own. And that's why he...

Writing for Justice Warrior Ebru Timtik in Rüsselsheim

The death fast is a challenge, said Ebru Timtik. It has been exactly one year today since we became immortal with the values ​​we defended by putting our lives on the line. On this occasion, as European Giant-Young people, we greeted Justice Warrior and People's Advocate Ebru Timtik with our letters on the streets of Rüsselsheim. We grow our struggle for justice with what we learned from him.Ebru Timtik is immortal!We have not forgotten her resistance and we will not let it be forgotten!Freedom to the People's Lawyers!