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Umut TV Resistance Assembly Special Program Video is on the Air

Our Resistance Assembly Special Program Video is ON! Umut Tv, Faruk Ereren from the German Resistance Assembly and the Resistance Assembly started the long walk from the beginning. We share with you the interview we made with Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu, one of the Dev-Young people who participated in the end.It is not a crime to participate in protests, concerts against racism, and to be against fascism! Session Rights Cannot Be Extorted!We support and call for the rightful and legitimate actions of the Resistance Council.Let's Watch Umut TV!Don't Forget To Subscribe And Like Our Video ...Hope TV

We Attended the “Combating Antistalinism” Conference on Stalin’s 140th Birthday

Stalin's 140th Birthday So Organized "The Struggle Against Antistalinism Is The Only Condition For Today's Revolutions" 'Group Comment, Germany People's Conference on 13,14,15 December We joined as the Front and the Anti-Imperialist Front. Belarus to the conference apart from us, Russia, Czech, Ukraine, Moldova, Belgium, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan and Philippine countries participated. By the Communist Workers' Party of Belarus At the conference held in Minsk, the ideological struggle against anti-Stalinism and Do not refute the lies of the anti-Stalinists with concrete information and a speech describing how it should be to continue the struggle we did. More than...

European Giant-Young: Turan Aktaş Reemployed Immediately

Turan Aktaş, who has been resisting for his job for 586 days, is our honor!Turan Aktaş, who was unfairly and unlawfully dismissed, is resisting in front of the Şişli municipality for 586 days. Throughout the resistance, our brother Turan Aktaş continues to resist despite all the pressures and has often stated that he will not surrender to the conditions.If the municipality of Şişli reinstates Turan Aktaş, they should take back thousands of workers that they dismissed. In other words, Turan Aktaş is resisting not only for himself, but also for hundreds of workers who were dismissed in this way.It is...

European Giant-Young took action in front of Turkish consulate

Today, on August 25, 2021, as the European Giant-Youth, we held an action in front of the Turkish consulate in Frankfurt. We demanded the release of sick prisoner Ali Osman Köse. We have been a voice for his voice and we will continue to be. AKP fascism tries to massacre the revolutionaries, but in vain. Revolutionaries never surrender, they never give up. Just as we saved our sister Güler Zere from the hands of the executioners, we will take our brother Ali Osman from those dirty hands in the same way!Freedom for Sick Prisoners!