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Greece AEC: Solidarity Event with Ali Osman Köse and Palestinian Prisoners

The Greek Anti-Imperialist Front organized a solidarity event with the sick prisoner Ali Osman Köse and the Palestinian prisoners. It was held together with the Palestinian Solidarity organization Samidoun. A banner reading “Let the Sick Prisoner Ali OsmanKöse be granted Freedom and Right to Health” was hung and a banner reading “Let the Palestinian Prisoners' Demands be Accepted, Victory in the Resistance in Palestine” was hung.Solidarity with Ali Osman Köse and Palestinian Political Prisoners at the event texts were read, Grup Yorum, Greek Resistance Music and Palestinian Resistance Songs were played, slogans in Greek, Turkish, and Arabic were chanted, while...

European Giant-Young: Let Elif Ersoy’s Demands Be Accepted

Let the pressure on Elif Ersoy, the editor-in-chief of Yürüyüş, be immediately released and the demands of revolutionary journalist Elif Ersoy be accepted. We are imprisoned today because everything it does is accuses AKP fascism. He is imprisoned today for talking about the valiant revolutionaries who died on the way to the Anatolian revolution. Elif Ersoy is resisting all these tortures.Let's embrace Elif Ersoy, write letters to her, call the Ministry of Justice and expose the tortures in Kayseri Bünyan prison.Elif Ersoy is not alone! div>

European Dev-Young Protested in front of the Greek Consulate

Today, on August 25, 2021, as the European Giant-Youth, we held an action in front of the Greek Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany. We once again shouted out the cry for freedom to 11 anti-fascists imprisoned in Greece. If making a victory sign is a crime, let all the leftists in the world be thrown in jail! There is nothing more despicable than 330 years and we will continue to protest this!Free Greek Prisoners!