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Interview with Helin Bölek, Member of Indefinite Hunger Strike Resistance Grup Yorum, from Halkın Sesi TV

"The darkest moment of the night is the closest to dawn. This resistance is the resistance of Grup Yorum and the entire people. " Grup Yorum members are resisting by revealing their bodies against pressures, detentions, arrests, concert bans, and the state's colorful terror lists. Grup Yorum voices the people's demand for freedom and independence with their hunger after their songs. We are publishing the interview we made with Grup Yorum Member Helin Bölek on 12 December.

TAYAD Families Freedom for Sick Prisoners Campaign Works

The Families of TAYAD hung 15 wall newspapers, primarily Ali Osman Köse, as part of the Freedom for Sick Prisoners Campaign, in Alibeyköy on July 29, and lit candles in front of them. The public had a great interest in wax wall newspapers. They read the newspapers with curiosity and interest. We will remove all of our sick prisoners, especially Revolutionary Patient Prisoner Ali Osman Köse, from their isolation cells.Families from TAYAD< /div>

European Giant-Youth: Freedom for 11 Revolutionaries Imprisoned in Greece

As a result of the operation carried out by the Popular Front of the Greek state 17 months ago. 11 Turkish revolutionaries were taken prisoner. Their trial began on July 02, 2021, and since the first day, the Greek state has been terrorizing revolutionary prisoners on the orders of the USA and AKP fascism. In other words, Palestinian people's children are performing a terrorist act by making a victory sign.In other words, children of hope. In our concerts, our actions make a sign of victory and they are during a terrorist act. The meaning of this funny situation showed how...

DEV-Young People Wrote for ALI OSMAN KÖSE

DEV-Young people on the Anatolian side of Istanbul made graffiti about the release request of sick prisoner Ali Osman KÖSE. A total of 3 writings were made.GIANT-YOU PEOPLE will continue to make their voices heard until Ali Osman KÖSE is released.LET ALI OSMAN KÖSE IMMEDIATELY RELEASED!PATIENT PRISONERS WE WANT JUSTICE FOR! GIANT-YOU