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Public School 31st issue is out

“They Didn't Dress Us In RobesBut weWe Made Our Lives in Robes!"People's LawyersThe Righteous Demands of the Death Fast ResistanceWith 756 Lawyers Petitions From 20 Countries,With 11 Bin 631 Signatures from 46 CountriesAdopted, Demanded Justice!FREE TO THE PEOPLE'S LAWYERS!To Download the 31st Issue of Public School Click... To Reach All Issues of the Public School Click…Contents* People's Justice Warriors, People's Advocates, For JusticeOn Death Fast!* People's Advocates of Freedom of Defense CoordinationEbru and Aytaç Launched the Signature Campaign 11,631 from 46 Countries in 10 DaysPerson Joined!* Colleagues, Injustices in the Ombudsperson's CaseTold! People's Advocates Against This Unlawfulness Are On Death...

Day 9 of Germany’s We Want Justice Long March

We were in Hamburg again on the 9th day of the 'We Want Justice' long march that we started as the Germany Grup Yorum Volunteers. On December 7, 2019, we distributed leaflets in Hamburg's Altona region and visited the shopkeepers. and Erdal Gökoğlu were held in front of the prison. Our German friends also read the solidarity messages. As hikers, we also spoke. We listened to Grup Yorum songs from time to time with our boxing. Erdal Gökoğlu and Musa Aşoğlu were sentenced to years in prison in Hamburg for being revolutionaries. We emphasized that by explaining the Turkish process...

NRW People’s Assembly Statement on the Flood Disaster in Germany

Enough is NowLeave People and Nature Relax On July 13-14, NordRein Westfalen ( There was a major flood disaster in Germany, including the state of NRW. The consequences of the disaster, in which at least 33 people lost their lives, are so dramatic that nothing can compensate. Are disasters happening?The only answer to this question is that the capitalist-imperialist system, which surrounds the whole world like an octopus, destroys the people and nature.This system is a system that thinks nothing but profit and exploitation. . Exploitation interests have blinded them so much that even the destruction of nature and humanity...

Dev-Genç Made Wall Writings About Detentions in Hatay!

GIANT-GENTS on the Anatolian side of Istanbul made graffiti for those who distributed a statement for the press release to be made for Edibe ÖZÇELİK, who was murdered in Hatay, and who were then detained under torture. The struggle for justice will continue for Edibe ÖZÇELİK and AKP Fascism will not be able to prevent it.TO Torture is Dishonored!LET DETENTIONS RELEASE!WE WANT JUSTICE FOR EDIBE ANA! >GIANT-YOU