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Grup Yorum Participated in the Action of the European Resistance Assembly

As Grup Yorum, on Friday, April 23, 2021, we took part in the action of the European Resistance Assembly in front of the local court with our folk songs and dances.For participating and organizing Grup Yorum concerts by the German state. We took part in the action held in front of the Cologne local court on the last day of the long march of the members of the European Resistance Assembly, whose right of session was usurped because they struggled against racism and fascism. İlker Şahin Deniz Yıldız Hasan Hüseyin Köse Haydar Demiray Mesut Demirel and Faruk Ereren, who resisted...

Folk songs were sung in support of Grup Yorum at İkitelli

İkitelli's local artists, Grup Özlem, organized an event on Saturday, December 7th to support the group due to the pressure on Grup Yorum. In the event held at the İkitelli Dersimliler Association, the folk songs of Grup Yorum, which has been on hunger strike for more than 200 days, were sung and dances were performed. At the same time, the Ikitelli Popular Front statement was made and Mustafa Koçak's death fast was mentioned and the letter written by Mustafa on the 150th day was read. By singing Grup Yorum folk songs from İkitelli to the banned concert of Grup Yorum...

Dev- Genç Statement: Release the Detentions

Get the AKP's Rabid Dogs Off Us!While we were sitting in a cafe on 12.07.2021, our friends Eda Kaya and Ali Hasan Akgül were first harassed and then taken into custody by the civilian police after they were arbitrarily asked for identity cards. They were detained by being tortured, dragged on the ground and sprayed with pepper spray! Volkan Yığıltekin has also been detained for interfering with the torture!The AKP is attacking the youth with their mercenary dogs! He is attacking because he has given every inch of our country's land, the sweat of our people, and our future to...

We Watched the Movie Attack on the Stock Exchange as Germany Giant-Young

We watched the movie "Attack on the Stock Exchange" as Germany Giant-Youth on August 20, 2021. The 2013 American movie is about the life of the character named James Baxford. It exposes the filth of the American Bourgeoisie on the stock market. They talk about how they deceived poor people and stole all their savings "for a better life". We've also seen how the American healthcare system works to the detriment of Americans. They always showed how they made people pay for all the treatment with lies.