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of the peopletheir lawyers are on death fast for justice for the right to a fair trial.of the peopleLawyers of the people, Ebru TİMTİK and Aytaç ÜNSAL,they have chosen to resist where injustice grows.As workers, we stand by this honorable resistance.DeathWe are on a one-day hunger strike on the 150th day of the fast.

Germany Giant-Young People were in front of Turkish Consulate in Dusseldorf for Zeynep Yıldırım

On Friday, April 23, a friend of ours went to the Turkish Consulate in Dusseldorf for Zeynep Yıldırım. We say that the main reason for Zeynep Yıldırım's death is fascism, not Corona.We will keep the memory of our sister Zeynep alive in our struggle. Even if we are only one person, we will go to the consulates for our martyrs and expose fascism despite all the insults and threats by the fascists.Zeynep Yıldırım is Immortal!Germany Dev-Genç

On the 206th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike Resistance

The members of Grup Yorum were going to hold two concerts in Istanbul and Adana, this meant a nightmare for fascism and they thought that they would disrupt the concert preparations by raiding the İdil Cultural Center immediately. arrested. The concert to be held in Adana afterwards was banned by the district governor's office.The pressures could not silence the voice of Grup Yorum with threats and detentions. Grup Yorum members laid their bodies on hunger in order to be able to perform their concert again today. There is no power that can defeat a will that is willing to die...

TAYADLI Families Statement: The July 12 Massacre is the Persistence of the System

Massacres are one of the main reasons for the intimidation policy of fascism. Mehmet Ağar is the architect and responsible of the 12 July Massacre. Those who murdered the Revolutionaries on 12 July 1992 won the admiration of Mehmet Ağar and the hatred of the people. Fascism is a form of government in our country. Even if the governments change, massacres are always carried out in order to maintain the existing exploitative powers. These massacres are proof of the persistence of fascism. The state-mafia association, which we frequently encounter today, clearly explains the continuity of fascism. The policy of isolation...

Germany Dev-Genç Group Wrote Card for Commentator Betül Varan

On August 18, 2021, we, as the German Giant-Young people, wrote a card for the free prisoner Grup Yorum member Betül Varan. Betül Varan was a European Giant-Young. In today's world, when millions came to Europe to live better, with the determination to continue their struggle in Turkey, he chose to return to his country and took his place on the art front. He became a Group Commentator, it was considered a crime. That's why our comrade committed this "crime". He was detained, arrested and still imprisoned. Let's take ownership of Betül Varan from Fascism! It is not a crime...