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Public School Magazine 28th Issue Is Out

FACISM IS THE STATE OF LAW! THE JUDICIARY IS THE COMMAND OF FASCISM!Making decisions with lies, ignoring real evidence,Decisions by putting pressure on the court with comments written on twitterAKP fascism, which has had it removed, cannot provide justice to the people!- Prosecutor and MIT hand in hand, slanderer with threats and blackmailConfessions created. Self-made lies to dishonest confessorsHe had it signed and presented to the court as "evidence"!- Robed executioner at the behest of fascism Akın Gürlek, AKP'sHe arrested the people's lawyers on his orders. Except for the liesThey were released because there was not a single piece of...

Germany Grup Yorum Volunteers: We are in Berlin on the 4th Day of the Long March!

We started our long walk from Cologne since 29.11.2019, and after Duisburg and Dortmund, we came to the city of Bremen.On 02.12.2019, we arrived in Berlin as Germany Grup Yorum Volunteers.We told the people who greeted us in Berlin about our long walk and our schedule.After making the missing preparations, we planned what we would do in Berlin for 2 days and went home in the evening.Long walk Our friend Dilber, who has been on hunger strike throughout the year, is on the 4th day of her hunger strike.Group Comment Volunteers from Germany

Yuksel Resistanceist Nazan Bozkurt Demands Account From AKP

Association Officer Nazan Bozkurt shouted in front of AKP provincial building:How we don't have holidays, neither will you! If we do not have peace, neither will you!Nazan Bozkurt and the shooter Mahmut Konuk were detained.The insurgents Nazan Bozkurt and Mahmut Konuk, who were detained in front of the AKP Ankara provincial building, were said to have been sentenced under the Misdemeanor Law. but they were released from the hospital without the punishment being served.

Statement of the Armutlu People’s Front on the Şenyaşar Family

The Şenyaşar Family Has Been Demanding Justice For 3 Years!"Even If I Die, I Will Not Get Up From Here"Mother Emine Şenyaşar, whose two children and husband were murdered, and whose siblings and father were killed, she jumped off the stretcher and jumped off the stretcher. and his son Mehmet Şenyaşar, who survived by pretending to be dead, continues to sit in front of the Urfa Palace of Justice. The family, who came to the 200th day of JUSTICE WATCH, started vigil with the words "There has been no lawsuit for 3 years because he was a deputy in the...

Giant-Young People Made Stamps for Ali Osman Köse

As DEV-GENÇLİLER, we have done stamping work for Ali Osman KÖSE, a sick prisoner on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. In order to evacuate cancer patient Ali Osman KÖSE, we made 20 pieces of 50x70 Scales in many parts of the Anatolian side!Our work will continue until Ali Osman KÖSE is released!LET ALI OSMAN KÖSE RELEASE!< p>FREE TO PATIENT PRISONERS!GIANT-YOU