The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Public School Magazine 27th Issue Is Out

FROM ANTARTICA TO LATIN AMERICA HELIN UP THE WHOLE WORLDHE HAS BEEN WHICHING LOVE TO THE DEAFEST EARS FOR 15 YEARS, ABRAHİM 323 DAYSUNITED WITH THE RESISTANCE!STARS HEART İBRAHİM GÖKÇEK IS IMMORTAL!To Download Public School Issue 27, Click... div>To Reach All Issues of Public School Click…Let's read and teach the Public School to increase our fight!To reach our Public School magazine and books, OzanYou can contact the publishing.Ozan Publishing Phone: (0-212) 536 93 44-45Weekly Magazine / Issue: 2716 May 2020Price: 1 TL (including VAT)CONTENTS:* Starry Heart İbrahim Gökçek The Same Star Will ShineOn our forehead, the same star will shine...

Berlin Popular Front Statement: Who Does Mitsotakis Serve?

11 The attack against the prisoners and their owners and what happened afterwards will be judged fairly by the people of Greece, who were familiar with Fascism and lived in the past, in the second trial of the free prisoner from Turkey. As a result of the attack on the Free Prisoners and his comrades who were there to protect them, Özgür prisoner "Sinan Oktay Özen" was taken to the hospital with the blows he received. Three of his comrades were detained. All these things show that there are promises made, that is, there is a diet debt. Since the...