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Public School Magazine 26th Issue Is Out

KOÇAK MUSTAFA JUSTICE fighterCALL TO WAR ON THEIR PEOPLESlanderous Confessor TRAILER BERK ERCAN;- She was detained on 07.07.2017. THE PROSECUTOR IN THE FIRST STATEMENTTHERE WAS NO SINGLE WORDS REGARDING HIS ACTION AND MUSTAFA!- From her prison, she wrote a petition to Prosecutor Can Tuncay.“I'M PSYCHOLOGY DROPPED, I'M SEEING HALUCINATIONS, LET ME EXPRESS ME OUT"said. In exchange for his release, the prosecutor gave false testimony about his case.The statements of this traitor, who does not have a Criminal License, are illegally used as "EVIDENCE".counted.- "MUSTAFA TELL ME THAT HE GIVED THE WEAPON TO ŞAFAKHE SAID IT,” he said. However, there was...

Call for the We Want Justice Action for Mustafa Koçak and the Group Comment!

“Justice is Buried in Courtrooms. Now I, to bring to light the justice under the earth where they shoveled; I am on a death fast, claiming my life, which is in the prime of my life.” (From Mustafa Koçak's letter.)We will not have Mustafa Koçak killed!On the 6th day of our long march, which we started as Germany Grup Yorum Volunteers, we are holding the WE WANT JUSTICE action for Mustafa Koçak and Grup Yorum in Berlin.< div>We want a fair trial for Mustafa Koçak!Let the demands of Grup Yorum, which is on Hunger Strike be accepted, be accepted!On Wednesday,...

Nrw People’s Assembly: Fascism Attacks Revolutionaries, Democrats Around the World

Journalist Erk Acarer was attacked by the fascist organization named Osmanlı Ocakları while sitting in the garden of his house in Berlin, Germany, on the evening of 7 July. Erk Acarer was seriously injured in the attack, in which knives were also used. p>As if it were not enough for the fascist AKP to try to take over countless democratic journalists in our country by means of repression and terror, it has now targeted journalists abroad.It is also significant that this attack took place in Germany, where the main supporters of the fascist AKP are in power. Fascists and imperialists...