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Armutlu People’s Front Description; End the Idil Cultural Center Raids

AKP's murderous cops continue to attack with indigestion.On November 29, around 8:30 pm, the İdil Cultural Center, where Grup Yorum is carrying out its work, was raided once again. >The current political power knows very well that Grup Yorum, which has not even a single member who has not been detained, tortured or arrested, has not been able to break its ties with the public, nor has it been able to intimidate its members by constantly being detained. They can't and they won't! Because Grup Yorum is the people slogan It is not just a slogan. Group Comment is a...

Free Prisoners Arrested in Greece Describe Attacks in Court

We are 11 Turkish revolutionaries imprisoned in Greek prisons at the request of the fascist Turkish state.Today we were attacked and tortured by the Greek police in the courtroom. However, there is a precedent for this attack. Since our court started on Friday, July 2, 2021, we have been constantly faced with arbitrary obstructions, bans, threats and the court's hostile attitude. On July 2, when our court began, we were prevented from appearing in court on the grounds of the banner we took with us. On July 7, the day of the second hearing, our friend Mustafa Yılmaz, who came...

European Giant-Young Martyrs Commemoration

Remembrance of our martyrs is to raise the struggle.To remember our martyrs is to enlarge the war. To commemorate our martyrs is not to leave them unjust. As the European Giant-Youths, we commemorated the August 16-22 Revolution martyrs this week. Our commitment to our martyrs is our revolutionary cause. It is our duty to remember, tell and commemorate them. Their memories live on in our struggle!MARTYRS OF THE REVOLUTION ARE IMMORTAL!