The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Popular Front Celebrates May Day in London

Despite the corona virus of imperialism, Popular Fronts were still on the ground in our country and around the world. They came together saying that May does not fit in the houses. At 14:00, the crowd gathered in front of the Wood Green library with red flags and banners in their hands, although they could not embrace with the enthusiasm of May 1, they greeted with slogans in their language. When the police came and said, "Yesterday, you wrote us an e-mail and said you would gather, and we said no, you can't do it for security reasons", "your saying...

NRW People’s Assembly Statement on 11 Revolutionary Prisoners Attempted Trial in Greece

You will not be able to take the revolutionaries away!We will resist!One and a half minutes to the trial of 11 revolutionaries who were unjustly and unjustly arrested in Greece at the request of the US imperialism and the fascist state in Turkey. It was started a year later.It was clear from the first day that the trial of the revolutionaries, who had been arbitrarily detained for a year and a half by the collaborative Greek state, would also be turned into a tool of oppression and torture. On the first day of the court, they attacked the revolutionary prisoners...

Germany Giant-Youth Collected Public School Magazine Read

On Monday, August 16th, we read articles from the Public School Magazine with a reading group as Germany Giant-Youth. We have read about AKP's crimes. And we have read that fascism attacks not only the people, but also everything, all our wealth, our nature. They don't care about humans or anything else including humans and nature. They are plundering our country just for their own profit. In the article, they talk about the crimes of the AKP, not the saints of nature. The only solution is to fight against imperialism and fascism, the liberation of man and nature is revolution...