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Free Prisoners of Greece Commemorate Martyrs of the Revolution Greet Party Founding

Our Free Prisoners in the Greek Koridallos Prison Commemorated the Martyrs of the Revolution March 30 - 17 April saluted the founding of the Party!Our Free Prisoners in the Koridallos Prison in Greece on Sunday, April 11, The program they held to commemorate our martyrs and greet the founding of the Party started with a moment of silence. Then a poem written by our Free Prisoner was read. Afterwards, the "Kızıldere Epic" published by Grup Yorum was watched. Then, after the speech on the meaning and importance of the day, the anthem We Are Right We Will Win was sung,...

Europe Giant-Young: The Power of German Imperialism Will Not Be Enough for Grup Yorum

There was going to be a solidarity concert with artists from abroad to announce the hunger strike resistance of Grup Yorum on November 24, 2019. However, on the same day, it was announced that the event was banned by the German imperialism with the decision of the prosecutor's office. People who were preparing for the hall were not taken out of the hall without an identity check. At the same time, the crowd that was growing outside were not allowed in by the police standing in front of the hall. Even a little girl's need for the toilet was not...

Your Threats to Turan Aktaş Will Find You

Mayor of Şişli, Muammer Keskin, threatens the coyotes around him in order not to get the municipal worker Turan Aktaş back to work. Turan Aktaş is a worker. To threaten TuranAktaş is to threaten the working class. For centuries, the sledgehammer in the hands of the working class has nullified the threats and massacres of the bosses, and sent the bloodsucking bosses to the wastebasket of history. He is on the side of the historian, the worker. Muammer Keskin and his men must be aware of this. The Mayor, who thinks that he will succeed by threatening Turan Aktaş not...

Popular Front of Dortmund

Let the Greek State Stop Torturing Revolutionary Prisoners!Making Revolution is Not a Crime, It's a DutyPrisoners were attacked in the courts of 11 Turkish revolutionaries imprisoned in Greece. The prisoners were tortured and put in cells. Three revolutionaries who went to watch the court were also detained.The Greek state is trying to hide its crimes by attacking the revolutionaries.From the beginning, it continues these attacks in cooperation with imperialism and AKP fascism.< /p>Revolution was to fight against imperialism and fascism, it takes its legitimacy from its historical justification. Therefore, no attack, no intimidation can deter the revolutionaries from their legitimate...

European Youth Turan Aktaş Description

Turan Aktaş, who has been resisting to be reinstated for 619 days, is our honor! The municipality of Şişli has fired hundreds of workers, including our brother Turan Aktaş, without any reason. started. Those who can't manage Istanbul, will they rule Turkey? Absolutely not! The past of the CHP is full of policies that are hostile to labor. Not only are your hands stained with blood, but you are also after the bread of our people! We, as Europe-Giant Youth, support our brother Turan Aktaş until the end. And we promise to be the voice of the resistance in Europe....