The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Mustafa Koçak is now our people’s monument of honor, he is immortal!

People's School Magazine workers visited the grave of Mustafa Koçak, who was martyred on the 297th day of his death fast, demanding a "fair trial" on April 27, 2020, and made a commemoration at the graveside. The commemoration started with the speech about the Death Fast Resistance. In the speech called "The death fast is to be born again, Mustafa Koçak has won the victory", the demands of the resistance and its effect on the people, the people's embrace of the resistance were explained and it was said that "Mustafa Koçak is now a monument of honor of our people,...

Participates in the Long March of the European Giant-Young Resistance Assembly

Due to the usurpation of residence rights for 2 years, in many cities of Germany, the Resistance Assembly has been holding demonstrations in front of the foreigners' office.As Giant-Youth in Europe, we were with those who were demanded for their right of residence.Today, we join the long walk they started. As Giant Youths, we stand by the Resistance Council, which has been resisting for the right to residency for 2 years.The Right of Session cannot be usurped!Return the Session Rights!

Statement Regarding the Idil Cultural Center Raid

The history of Grup Yorum was written when people composed folk songs and sang them together in the squares where millions of people gathered. Idil Cultural Center was raided once again on 29.11.2019 by scoundrels who are enemies of the people. One of the demands of Grup Yorum members, on the 197th day of the indefinite Hunger Strike, was that the institutions where cultural and artistic activities are carried out should not be published. And yet, AKP fascism showed its hostility towards art as part of its hostility to the public, by pressing the İdil Kültür Merkezi during the screening...

Berlin People’s Assembly Statement: Erk Acarer is not alone

On Wednesday, 07.07.2021, while our people's friend, Journalist Erk Acarer, was sitting in the garden of his house with his family, a treacherous and treacherous attack was organized by the fascist group calling themselves "Ottoman Hearths".Ottoman Hearths. The fascist group called AKP fascism is a group financed abroad by the degenerate Süleyman. Those who speak their minds like Erk Acarer without fear or hesitation are declaring their enemies as enemies.We explain here and say that you, the mercenaries of the fascist AKP, the reactionary fascists, Erk Acarer, or those who express themselves freely against you, are not afraid of you....

European Giant-Young İkizdere People Are Not Alone

The people of İkizdere, who have been resisting since April 21, are not alone. The people of İkizdere, who resisted the quarry that wanted to be established and operated by Cengiz İnşaat. The surrounding villages also help the villagers of İkizdere. Villagers who did not want their nature and water to be polluted were detained, threats were made, in short, they want to spread fear from the people of İkizdere, who are resisting legitimately. We, the European-Giant Youth, stand behind the people of İkizdere, and they are not alone in their legitimate resistance. AKP is trying to show itself as...