The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Read the Journal of the Swiss People’s Front Folk School

From the Public School magazine at 8 am on Sunday, April 19We started the day by reading an article. Life of Helin Bölek in the article we readWe learned about the education, what kind of education he went through at the Yoldaş Conservatory.and how he got ready to go on stage in a very short time.we learned.4 People's Front participated in the 1-hour reading program.Swiss Popular Front

Koçak and Grup Yorum are on the Agenda of International Organizations -1

div> England: Artist's At Risk Connectiondiv> British Group yorumgönüllü, the Artist's At Risk Connection (with Artists at Risk) organization requirements as ileiletişi moves through Group Comments Experience and told them about the resistance.div> with Stars organization at risk, they şöyletanımlıy their mission:div> "guarantees the right to artistic freedom of expression and be able to live without fear of the artists in everywhere and can work sağlar.niha our goal at risk hizmetver the needs of artists and organizations that are addressing them. " div> ARC organization has allocated a portion of the site for the Review Group. Comment and tell me...

11 Turkish Revolutionaries Tortured in the Court of Koridalos in Greece

In the 2nd Court held today, 11 Turkish Revolutionaries were tortured and taken to the cell They did not allow them to torture the revolutionaries.They tore Hazal Seçer's top during the attack Sinan OktayÖzenin is currently waiting for an ambulance because they kicked him in the chest The same attack was carried out on 15 spectators inside. At the moment, we cannot even reach our comrades and all the viewers that we will hear about the situation of our comrades.11 The Greek Government and Turkish Fascism are primarily responsible for anything that may happen to our Turkish revolutionary comrades.The Fascism...