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Public School Magazine 23rd Issue Is Out!

The Instrument of Grup Yorum is Her Body NowWhat she sings is the Song of Hunger!This Song Is In A Classless-Exploitation WorldIt will be the song of all peoples fed up with justice!HELİN BÖLEK IS THE IMMORTAL SONG OF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!To Download the 23rd Issue of Public School Click...To Reach All Issues of the Public SchoolClick… p>Let's read and teach the Public School to increase our fight!To reach our Public School magazine and books, OzanYou can contact the publishing.Ozan Publishing Phone: (0-212) 536 93 44-45Weekly Magazine / Issue: 21April 19, 2020Price: 1 TL (including VAT)CONTENTS:* Helin Bölek...

Action in front of Turkish Consulate in Stuttgart for Seher, Sevcan and Betül from Germany Dev-Genç

An Action was held for Seher Adıgüzel, Sevcan Adıgüzel and Betül Varan on Friday, 09 April at 15:00. The police, who threatened to take our music boxing away from us, used the discomfort of the Stuttgart Consulate General employees as a reason. This is our success. We will continue to go to the Stuttgart Consulate. During the protest that lasted for about 1 hour, slogans such as "Freedom for Seher Sevcan Betül", "Making a Revolution is Not a Crime", "Grup Yorum is the People Can't Be Silenced" were chanted, a German statement was read, and Grup Yorum anthems and folk...

Solidarity with Political Prisoners Vigil – Freedom for Ali Osman Köse Weekly Action Held

On Wednesday, July 14, Ali Osman Köse and the Freedom for All Sick and Political Prisoners action, which has been going on regularly for several months, took place in Vienna.The situation of political prisoners and the revolutionary opposition This week, banners and banners of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Ali Osman Köse, Ombudsperson Aytaç Ünsal, political prisoners in Iran and 11 political prisoners on trial in Greece these days were unveiled.About 80 leaflets were distributed to the public in 1 hour on the crowded street. 8 people participated and supported the solidarity action held between 18.30-19.30 today.Solidarity for political and sick prisoners will...

Description of Armutlu People’s Front Dilek Doğan

He brutally murdered DİLEK DOĞAN...!He will spend 45 days in jail if his sentence is approved!Nothing 20 years for EMRAH DOĞAN, who did not kill anyone and demanded justice for his brother! >You have completely murdered the Doğan family, WITH YOUR INJUSTICE!YOU WILL SROW IN THE MOTHERS' ANGRY AND TEARS!If you think your actions, injustices, lawlessness and injustice will go unpunished; YOU ARE WRONG!WE ARE THE PEOPLE!WE WANT JUSTICE AND WE WILL GET IT!LET US DO NOT DOUBT THAT JUSTICE WILL FIND!DOWN WITH THE INJUSTICE OF Fascism;< /p>LONG LIVE JUSTICE OF THE PEOPLE...!!!

Statement on Europe – Giant Young Flood Disaster

The loss of life increased to 38 in the flood disaster in the Black Sea. 32 people died in Kastamonu and 6 in Sinop. Meanwhile, AFAD, Fascist AKP's President Erdogan and the health minister claim that everything is under control. However, even the number of people who were left homeless due to the flood was not disclosed. There is no information about the food situation in the regions where it is located.Because fascism only lies and tries to keep the pulse alive. Because he was afraid of the anger of the people!But there was no problem with the exploitation of...