The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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British Public School Magazine Representation Distributes Food and Family Visits in London

The corona produced and spread by imperialism itselfThe virus continues to make the people inside, everyone in their own house, its own prisoner.While they isolate, we are material and spiritualIt shares everything we have, in all circumstances, our social and cultural values.we live and let live.Pir Sultan Cultural Center and British AleviWhile the distribution of food, which is the joint work of the Federation, continues, eight families were visited, To reach our families,Morel visits this time, not in their homes, but in the gardens and on the streets.we continue to meet. With our families,Mustafa Koçak, Grup Comment memberThe Death Fast...

Europe – Giant Youth We Haven’t Forgotten the Massacre in Konya, We Will Not Let You Forget It!

7 people from a Kurdish family were murdered by the fascists in Konya on July 30, 2021.The AKP mentality tried and is trying to sell its cover to the media and the press that this massacre was caused by the problems between the two families. p>First, 7 people are killed and then the house they are in is set on fire by the same herd of murderers.For the massacres against the Kurdish people to end, the Kurdish people must be able to defend themselves.Our duty as the Turkish peoples is the Kurdish people. to protect our people and to be...