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Public School Magazine’s 21st Issue Is Out!

Fronts Around the World Commemorated Their Martyrs, HopeCelebrated 26th Anniversary! COLORRED FLAGS FROM THE BLOOD OF OUR MARTYRS; OUR POWER CLAIM, TO OUR LEADERSOUR COMMITMENT, OUR FAITH IN SOCIALISM, OUR LOVE FOR OUR NATION AND OUR PEOPLE THE WORLDTHE REVOLUTIONARY TO THE PEOPLE IS OUR PROMISE!To Download the 21st Issue of Public School Click...< /a>To Reach All Issues of the Public SchoolClick… p>Let's read and teach the Public School to increase our fight!To reach our Public School magazine and books, OzanYou can contact the publishing.Ozan Publishing Phone: (0-212) 536 93 44-45Weekly Magazine / Issue: 21April 5, 2020Price: 1 TL (including...

Germany Attended Giant-Young Helin Bölek and 30 March 17 April Commemoration

On the anniversary of the death of our immortal song Helin Bölek, the commander of the 7 Notes, on Saturday, April 3, under the slogan "Fight From Kızıldere to the Commanders of 7 Notes", with the call of the Stuttgart People's Assembly, we as the Giant-Young People of Germany We participated in the commemoration event held in Stuttgart bazaar center and participated in the Commemoration event on March 30, April 17. A banner reading "We Commemorate on Its 51st Anniversary" was unveiled.

On the 185th Day of Grup Yorum Hunger Strike Resistance

A shaman teacher says:“Nothing in nature lives for itselfRivers cannot drink their own water.< div>Trees cannot eat their own fruit.The sun does not heat for itself.The moon does not shine for itself.Flowers do not smell for themselves. The earth does not give birth for itself.The wind does not blow for itself.Clouds do not get wet from their own rain.” The members of Grup Yorum have started a hunger strike for the release of their imprisoned members, to drop the lawsuits against them, to lift bans on concerts, to remove the lists, and to demand an end to the raids on...

The Right of Defense of Revolutionary Prisoners Cannot Be Denied

The first hearing of 11 Turkish revolutionaries was to be held on July 2 (today).Prisoners prepared for defense were blocked by the dispatch police. The police did not take the prisoners to court, saying that they could not take the banners and placards they brought with them to the courtroom for the statement they wanted to make in the courtroom. After the discussions with the police, Şadi Naci Özpolat went to the court on behalf of the prisoners and told the court what happened and what happened was an attack on the prisoners' freedom of expression. The court was adjourned...

Germany – Giant Youth Protest in Front of the Consulate for the Revolutionary Prisoners in Greece

Today, on 13 August 2021, we, as the Giant Youth of Germany, carried out an action in front of the Greek Consulate in Stuttgart, Germany. The action was carried out to give voice to the 11 revolutionary prisoners who were unfairly tried in Greece. They were imprisoned for decades for making the victory sign, and decades for throwing the same slogans. We will expose this injustice committed by the Greek state every day. We will be the voice of our comrades every day. Germany-HFG workers also joined our action. There were 5 of us in total. Our action started with...