The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Public School Magazine’s 20th Issue Is Out!

AKP FASCISM, MUSTAFA ON DAY 254 OF DEATH FASTA COP STOPPED KOÇAK'S ANUS!Harassment and Rape, Fascism's Use Against the PublicIT IS A WEAPON!To Mustafa at the Prison Hospital Where She Was Kidnapped Without Her ConsentSerum Forced 73 Times!Tied to the Bed with 16 Handcuffs and Rope!Even Harassed and Tortured 73 Times With Her Teeth-NailsRipped it off!THE DEATH FAST CONTINUES!Mustafa Says: "ALL THESE PARTS, MY WOUNDS"IT IS MY HONOR!”YOU ARE OUR HONOR MUSTAFA!EVERY WOUND OPENED ON YOUR BODY, TURKEY AND THE WORLDIT IS THE HONOR OF THE PEOPLE!To Download Public School 20th Issue Click.. .To Reach All Issues of the Public...

Council of Resistances: Following Pir Sultan’s Path is Not Giving Up to the Oppressor!

Like every year, exactly 28 years ago, on July 2, 1993, a commemoration and comprehension event for Pir Sultan would be held. The revolutionary-democratic-progressive-intellectuals, especially the Alevi people, were summoned to the hometown of Pir SultanAbdal, who said, "Let anyone come back, I will not return from my path". However, the fascist-reactionary parties incite the public and try not to organize events with threat calls. "religiousness" propaganda is made on Aziz Nesin's translated book "The Satanic Verses" He tries to provoke the public with words such as "enmity to religion, atheism, irreligion" by distorting the events by giving speeches, and...

Europe – Giant Young Makes Statement on Forest Fires

Since July 28, 2021, there have been news of a total of 299 forest fires in our country, 15 of which were major fires. And to put out forest fires, the AKP government's firefighting planes were "broken." "We will open the burned areas for construction", that is, huge hotels will be planted there, not new trees. Thus, the environment will be further damaged. But the AKP mentality does not care because they are used to selling every corner of the country.One day every corner of our country will be free and independent. The most important thing will be our people....