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Front of Embassy Protests Continue in London

Protests continue in front of the fascist Turkish embassy for Mustafa Koçak, who is on death fast for the right to a fair trial, and for Grup Yorum members, revolutionary artists.We will continue to expose the enemy and support those who resist with the slogans chanted and the anthems we listened to during the protest.It is an honorable duty to embrace those who put their bodies to death for the most natural and compulsory right of Justice, in this process where all values ​​are tried to be refuted and leaves do not move except for those who resist.We are waiting...

Germany We Want Justice Committee: We are on a 1-Day Hunger Strike

We Will Announce Our Desire for Justice to Seher Adıgüzel, Sevcan Adıgüzel and Betül Varan on Saturday, March 27!We are on a 1-day hunger strike On Saturday, March 27, Seher Adıgüzel Sevcan Adıgüzel and Betül We are on a one-day support hunger strike within the framework of the Freedom for Varan campaign. Let's feel their hunger for freedom with our hunger Let's increase our demand for justice and pull them out of the isolation cells of fascism.Sevcan Adıgüzel is calling out to us with her composition in prison. Don't be silent, please don't be silent, let my voice be heard,...

Eskişehir Giant-Young People Wrote

The people of Eskişehir Dev-Genç wrote TUTSAK DEV-GENÇLERE FREEDOM and DEV-GENÇ articles on benches and transformers in many parks in Eskişehir. They wrote a letter to the Giant-Youths who were imprisoned on one side.Freedom to the Captive Giant-Youths!Long Live the Giant-Young Long Live the Giant-Youths< /div>