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Hunger Strike Tent Calls to Resistance in Mannheim, Germany

December 8 Mustafa Koçak's protest in front of Mannheim train station on Sunday. death fast and the indefinite hunger strike of Grup Yorum members Notices were distributed and signatures were collected. Cavit Yilmaz "I want justice for Mustafa Kocak!" every weekend at the request continued his hunger strike. Legal According to the procedure, those who organize actions or events, until the audience reaches 25 people. Assign up to 2 people to security. A security guard this week. to our people, the police said, "This cannot be this person." said. When asked for reasons They put forward the phrase "approved by...

A New Poem by Revolutionary Poet Hasan Biber: WE WALK IN RED RIGHTS

WE WALK AT THE RED RIGHTS WE WALK Our own like fire in ashes Our own anger within us! We clenched our fists we wielded our weapons We marched on the oppressors! Without falling into the ground etched on our forehead the seal of the oppressor! In the red dawns we'll walk We can't make enemies before we go into conflict Wherever we are In the prison on the railings! In the neighborhood, on the street < /p>in the mountains on the paths We do not forget to greet you to all souls whose eyes are upon us! Without falling...

NRW People’s Assemblies: Freedom for 11 Turkish Revolutionaries in Greece

Greek Prosecutor's Spokesperson for Justice, Imperialism and Fascism The prosecutor's office gave a funny opinion on behalf of justice in the courts of 11 revolutionaries tried in Greece. There is not even a shred of justice in the opinion. On the contrary, it has been the spokesperson for imperialism, which sheds blood in the whole world, and for fascism, which carries out a new massacre and torture every hour in Turkey. p>We protest this opinion.We Demand the Immediate Release of the Revolutionaries!Making Revolution is Not a Crime. We say it is our duty!Down with Fascism and Imperialism!Long Live the Revolution,...

Europe Giant-Young: We Commemorated August 16-22 Revolution Martyrs

Commemorating our martyrs is raising the struggle.Remembering our martyrs is magnifying the war. Commemorating our martyrs is not leaving them unjust. As European Giant-Youths, we commemorated the August 16-22 Revolution martyrs this week. Our devotion to our martyrs is our reason for revolution. It is our duty to remember, tell and commemorate them. Their memories live on in our struggle! MARTYRS OF THE REVOLUTION ARE IMMORTAL!

Public School 34th issue is out

Force Our Right to ResistYou will not be able to blockDenied Forced InterventionInsurgents Brought Back to the Cell:“If This Is What You Do Every WeekIf Threats are not stopped, what was given to Mustafa will be made to us too”Forced Intervention Is Torture, Not The CureLetting go is MurderDidem and Özgür's, Koçak Mustafa LikeLet's Enlarge the Resistance To Avoid Killing To Download Public School Issue 34Click...To Reach All Issues of Public SchoolClick…Owner and Editor-in-Chief: İrfanYILMAZAddress: Hobyar Mah. Cemal Nadir Sok. BigMilas Han, No:24 İçkapı No:220 Fatih/İSTANBULOffset Preparation: Ozan PublishingAddress: Zübeyde Hanım Mah. Fevzi Cakmak Cad.1297. Sokak No: 1 Apartment: 1...

Grup Yorum is on an indefinite hunger strike

Group Comment members laid their bodies on starvation for their demands to be granted. Released Grup Yorum members Bahar Kurt and Helin Bölek are outside. they continue their resistance. Their resistance is growing day by day. Days the hours pass, the members of Grup Yorum are resisting, their hunger and their future. they are setting up. Resistances While they continue, they are working to increase the resistance even more. Other visiting the insurgents. They grow solidarity. Group Comment date continues to write, and we do our best as part of this history. we must do more. We are the ones...

Flood Disaster Statement from Hagen People’s Assembly Initiative

Hagen is one of the cities that suffered the most from the flood.It is said that 106 people have died in Germany so far. Hundreds of people are missing and there is no news. Hundreds of houses were flooded.A natural event is not responsible for all this suffering.It is the capitalist-imperialist order that destroys nature and makes it so deadly. It is capitalism that puts the greed for profit at the center of everything.Two firefighters died in Hagen.Part of the houses were flooded, especially in Hohenlimburg. Electricity has been cut off in Hagen for three days.This profit-oriented order, invading predatory...


Cancer patient, revolutionary prisoner Ali Osman KÖSE has resisted fascism in Turkish prisons for 38 years, fulfilled the requirements of the revolution to which he devoted his life, stood by his people despite torture, oppression and prison massacres, and became an honorable man. It became the name of the revolutionary will. He went on hunger strikes in the juntas, his health deteriorated, but fascism could not receive treatment because it did not give any right to health to the sick prisoners. Today, fascism continues with the AKP. AKP Fascism continues its policies of killing or maiming sick prisoners with the...