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Families from TAYAD: Where is KESK Running?

Public workers' union KESK got its historical flow from revolutionary teachers, health professionals, in short, from the struggle against fascism. Today's KESK, on ​​the other hand, has been clad in reformist policies and is competing with the AKP's Memur-Sen. This race is held in front of the revolutionary, democrat and progressive civil servants in KESK. To give an example; Public workers who continue the Yüksel Resistance can be cited as an example.The current administration confirms the AKP's interior minister's statement, "We saved KESK from the revolutionaries." Being a unionist is not being a spokesperson for the fascist AKP based on...

Youth Statement: Freedom for Sick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse

AliOsman KÖSE, who has been imprisoned in the isolation cells of fascism for 38 years, is a revolutionary prisoner with cancer and that is why AKP fascism is not releasing Ali Osman KÖSE. Ali Osman KÖSE became the name of the revolutionary will during the 38 years he was a prisoner, did not succumb to the attacks of fascism and lived with dignity. Ali Osman KÖSE, who was subjected to torture and junta in this process, went on hunger strikes and worsened his health day by day. Ali Osman KÖSE, whom AKP Fascism consciously tried to murder in prison conditions,...

People’s Fronts in Greece Hold a 1-Day Support Hunger Strike

People's Front of Greece The call of the European People's Front within the campaign launched on Saturday, 27 March demanding freedom for Sevcan Adıgüzel, Betül Varan, Seher Adıgüzel, who organized within the European Youth and rushed to the revolutionary struggle in their countries, who were imprisoned by fascism. They went on a one-day support hunger strike. 9 People's Fronts joined the hunger strike.Sevcan, Seher and Betül are the children of the people who are fighting for their people, who pushed aside the dirty reputation of the order and rushed to the struggle for independence and democracy. We want to end...

Wall Newspapers Hanged for Giant-Young Turan Aktaş

For Turan AKTAŞ, who resisted in front of Şişli Municipality for his job, bread and honor, and continued his rightful resistance, the Giant-Gençliler hung 3 newspapers in total. Turan AKTAŞ is the voice of all the dismissed workers and the rightful resistance of Turan Aktaş will win. Turan Aktaş Get Back to Work Immediately! We Want Justice, We Will Get It! Giant-Young

Stuttgart People’s Assembly: What Happened in Elmalı Represents the Morality of Fascism

In June last year, a grandmother who went to the prosecutor's office in Balıkesir claimed that her two grandchildren, who were 6 and 9 years old at that time, were sexually abused, and her ex-wife Merve Akman and her husband Rahmi Akman were married to her daughter-in-law. She complained about her boyfriends. In her complaint, she stated that her two grandchildren, who were still kindergarten students, had been systematically raped. Even though the children expressed their experiences in writing and drawing, Merve and Rahmi Akman, who were tried in this case recently, were released!This incident, which shows the morality, or...

People’s Voice March was in Marseille

November 30Walking magazine was distributed at a wedding in Marseille on Saturday.This is our people'sThe magazine readers who were with them on their happy day, the voice of the people of the Walk magazine andThey distributed the new year calendar of the Popular Front of France.33 piecesWalking magazine and 35 calendars were delivered to the guests.The ongoing Death Fast and hunger strikes were explained to the public,Mustafa KoçakThe importance of the solidarity of the people for the members of Grup Yorum and Grup Yorum was explained to the invited guests.

European Grup Yorum Volunteers: 140 People Demand Freedom With Their Hunger

A hunger strike was held in support of Dev-Gençli Seher, Sevcan and Betül yesterday, Saturday, March 27, following the call of the European Popular Front.About 140 people from all over Europe went on hunger strike. Participated as a Grup Yorum Volunteer.We were on hunger strike with 140 people on the same day for the same purpose.We demanded Freedom for Seher Sevcan and Betül with our 1-day hunger.1-day We embraced the Giant-Young people who waved the flag of independence with our hunger,We embraced the honorable 3 young people who did not surrender to imperialism and did not bow to fascism.We embraced...