The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Dev-Young People Continue to Distribute Walking Magazines in Kadıköy!

“Our magazine,In addition to being a hope and guiding the public, it is in the hands of the youth andIt is an essential tool to go. We must defend this vehicle with our lives!”Dev-Genc members have been in Kadıköy every week for the past week.The Walking magazine, which was distributed, continued its distribution this week as well. In this context,70 copies of the magazine distributed as editorial and contents section were distributed to the people of Kadıköy.delivered. Throughout the work, everywhere you go, you can relate to the process and what happened.chatted about. The work continued all afternoon.

Popular Front of Greece Protested in Front of the Belgian Embassy

People's Front of Greece was held on March 9, 2021 in St. Özgür Prisoner, who is on hunger strike against the imposition of "Single Dress" in Gilles prison, held a solidarity action in support of Erdal Gökoğlu.People from the Front in front of the Belgian embassy "Single Dress is Torture End Torture, Freedom for Erdal Gökoğlu" The People of the Front, who opened a banner with the words "People's Front", read a statement about the hunger strike and chanted "We Didn't Wear Uniform Clothes, We Will Not Wear, We Will Win by Resistance, Erdal Gökoğlu is Our Honor". slogans were...

On the 558th Day of Turan Aktaş Resistance

On the 558th day of the resistance, the İkizdere resistance and Şaban VatanıOn my return from the visit, I received a letter from the Imprisoned People's Advocate Engin Gökoğlu.It added to my resistance. It is a duty, not a crime, to advocate for the people's workers.Let the People's Advocates be released.

Description of Eskişehir Giant-Young Elif Ersoy

Turan Aktaş continues to resist in front of Şişli Municipality, which has a field of resistance for his job, bread and honor, on his 562nd day!Turan AKTAŞ continues to be the voice of all workers who have been resisted for 562 days. Continuing to resist with the determination of the first day in this process, Turan Aktaş made his voice heard by carrying his resistance to CHP Şişli Provincial Municipality Building and CHP Şişli District Municipality Building. At the same time, he won the right to return to work by winning the courts he opened.While Turan Aktaş's righteousness continues to...

CHP Şişli Municipality Searched for Turan Aktaş in Youth and Family Camp!

We called Şişli Municipality for Turan Aktaş, who has been resisting in front of CHPŞişli Municipality for 611 days to be reemployed. We said that Turan Aktaş is not alone and that all workers who resist should be reinstated. The operator we were connected to hung up the phone in our face after saying these.Turan Aktaş is not alone!Long Live Resistance Long Live Victory! Camp Press Release Commission