The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with

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Distribution of Walking Magazine in Çayan District

Search for his works in Halk Cepheliler Çayan Mahallesicontinues without. A few days ago, the murderer cops of the AKP didSearch for Popular Fronts mass work after raids and detentionscontinues without. As it was written on a wall of the same neighborhood, "AWe'll go and come back! Pressures Detentions Can't Intimidate Us!"work in progress.On 26.09.2019, the door at Halk Cepheliler Çayan neighborhooddistribution of the pdf output of the 138th issue of the Walk magazine.They did. In the distribution of the magazine, which lasted for 1 hour and participated by 3 People's Front, the total45 The pdf print of the journal...

Description of Giant-Young Turan Aktaş

Turan Aktaş562. Today, Şişli Municipality, which has a field of resistance for its work, bread and dignity, continues to resist!Turan AKTAŞ continues to be the voice of all workers who have been resisted for 562 days. Continuing to resist with the same determination as on the first day in this process, Turan AKTAŞ made his voice heard by carrying his resistance to CHP Şişli Provincial Municipality Building and CHP Şişli District Municipality Building. At the same time, he won the right to return to work by winning the courts he opened. Moreover, Turan AKTAŞ is resisting not only for his...

Giant-Young Summer Vacation Camp 2021

The first seminar in the European summer camp started on August 25, 2021. On the other hand, European Giant-Young started the seminar by introducing themselves and meeting new young people. We talked about who we are and what we want at the seminar.We talked about “Comradeship” at the European Giant-Young summer camp on August 27, 2021. We compared our understanding of comradeship with the understanding of friendship of the order. Young people attending the seminar were asked if they had any real friends in the organization. The answer of most of the young people was no.We talked about “Racism” at...